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Government Affairs & External Engagement

The Government Affairs & External Engagement Team supports the mission of JobsOhio by serving as a resource to local, state, and federal elected officials and also to economic development practitioners. The team regularly interfaces with these leaders and works with stakeholders to promote economic development in communities across the state.

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Ohio Working Together

JobsOhio’s programs and job-ready sites empower world-class corporations, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals to build their businesses and careers in Ohio. We collaborate with Ohio’s regional economic development organizations, academic institutions, federal installations, business sector organizations, and the State of Ohio to deliver comprehensive programs and investment initiatives that incubate innovations, enable sustainable economic growth, and enhance the quality of life for Ohioans through the power and dignity of work. Together, these state, regional, and local partners drive economic development throughout Ohio.

Strategic Initiatives

JobsOhio invests in:

Sites by JobsOhio logo

Prepare job-ready sites for companies seeking to establish or expand operations in the state.


Establish Ohio on the leading edge of technology and attract the best and brightest companies, talent, and investment capital to drive Ohio's future.

Talent by JobsOhio

Attract in-demand talent to the state and retain, upskill, and reskill Ohio’s workforce.

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Drive investment and job creation for underrepresented populations and distressed geographies to build prosperity for all Ohioans.

Unique Funding Model

JobsOhio is private and self-funded. We use zero tax dollars.

  • JobsOhio is a private nonprofit corporation wholly funded by an independent private source – the profits from the JobsOhio Beverage System (JOBS) liquor enterprise – that JobsOhio purchased in 2013 and manages today.
  • JOBS liquor profits provide a stable funding source, which allows JobsOhio to utilize a longer-term horizon for funding economic development activities and to be agile with our strategies so they make the maximum impact across Ohio.
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Government Affairs & External Engagement Team

Tyler Yaple
Tyler Yaple
Director of Government Affairs
Darnita Bradley
Darnita Bradley
Local Government Affairs & Engagement Manager
Drew Cooper
Drew Cooper
Coordinator, Government Affairs& External Engagement