The JobsOhio Innovation Strategy

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"If we want Ohio to be the most innovative, entrepreneurial state in the Midwest, we have to make sure our state is a magnet for research, capital, and talent..."
- Ohio Lt. Governor Jon Husted.

With renowned universities, federal research institutes, leading companies across our targeted sectors, and 14 top-ranked hospital systems, Ohio has been the “quiet giant” of life science, technology, and industrial innovation and R&D in the United States. But that’s changing: Ohio’s innovation engine is revving up and getting loud.

Together with the State of Ohio and our healthcare and university partners, JobsOhio and our network partners have launched one of the nation’s most ambitious and comprehensive economic development initiatives. The public and private stakeholders are injecting billions of dollars in investments and incentives to catalyze the growth of cutting-edge technologies and industries in Ohio. Our Innovation Strategy will create three world-class Innovation Districts; fund grants for new R&D centers; stimulate discoveries, patents, and startups; provide businesses essential growth capital; attract, retain, and inspire new STEM talent; and recruit, train, upskill, and match the State’s job-ready workforce with the most in-demand skills in fast-growing sectors. These initiatives boost Ohio’s competitiveness across the innovation continuum – and leverage the State’s lifestyle desirability – to make Ohio the Midwest’s magnet for entrepreneurs, inventors, and industries.

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