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Funding the innovation and commercialization you need to make a home in Ohio

At the heart of corporate success is innovation. Every day the world is evolving, and companies are competing to stay ahead by improving what works and discovering the next state-of-the-art breakthrough. JobsOhio is committed to supporting pioneers in the state and driving industry-changing innovation. That’s why we created the JobsOhio Research & Development (R&D) Center Grant.

What is the JobsOhio R&D Center Grant?

The JobsOhio R&D Center Grant program includes up to $100 million of overall funding assistance that helps facilitate the creation of new R&D centers across Ohio in nine targeted industries. Ultimately, companies that receive the grant will build new R&D centers to successfully commercialize innovative products and services, which lead to significant investments and job creation in Ohio.

The significant costs associated with R&D can limit what small and medium-sized corporations can do, but this grant levels the playing field. The R&D Center Grant is not a tax credit, like other states may offer. This grant is awarded to companies in Ohio to help them commercialize new products and services to generate more and better opportunities for Ohioans.

Ideas spark innovation, then research and development (R&D) turn those ideas into real-world solutions that transform industries. Ohio will be home it all.

JobsOhio is committed to establishing a broad array of new R&D labs and centers in the state to drive lifesaving and industry-changing innovation. That’s why, in 2016, we created the $100 million JobsOhio Research & Development Center Grant program that provides funding for a portion of the costs associated with establishing and equipping a new R&D center in Ohio.

The JobsOhio R&D Center Grant program facilitates new strategic corporate R&D centers in Ohio that will support the development and commercialization of emerging technologies or products that align with one or more of JobsOhio’s targeted industries (Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive, Healthcare, Financial Services, Food and Agribusiness, Technology, Logistics and Distribution, and Energy and Chemicals).

The Impact

In 2019, a Brookings Institution report called the program “one of the most ambitious efforts” to support a state’s innovation economy and enhance business R&D.

Interest in the program has been immense and attracted successful applicants from domestic and international companies. To date, JobsOhio has committed approximately 20 R&D Center Grants, totaling $57.5 million, with companies that will invest $460 million and create nearly 1,000 new jobs.

This R&D funding is not a tax credit, and companies have no expense on their part – other than investing in Ohio. The R&D Center Grant is just that – a grant. Companies receive this money specifically to facilitate R&D that will generate a return on investment for them, Ohio, and the future of the specified industry

R&D Center Grant Recipients

High corporate interest in the JobsOhio R&D Center Grant program has brought attention to domestic and international companies representing an array of industries.

JobsOhio has now committed approximately 20 R&D Center Grants, totaling $57.5 million with companies who will create nearly 1,000 new jobs and invest $460 million. In 2019, a Brookings Report called the program “one of the most ambitious efforts” to support a state’s innovation economy and enhance business R&D.

Below are some of the companies that received the JobsOhio R&D Center Grant to support their innovation.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • EY and Nottingham Spirk: Innovation leaders collaborate to create new end-to-end advanced manufacturing and mobility business transformation capability. Read More


  • GE Aviation: R&D related to hybrid electric propulsion technology for aviation.
  • COTSWORKS: New R&D facility focused on innovation in aerospace optical components. Read More


  • Dana Incorporated: R&D for engineered solutions for improving the efficiency, performance, and sustainability of powered vehicles and machinery. Read More
  • Honda: Expansion of current R&D center to advance driver-assistive and human interface systems to support Honda's vision for a collision-free society. Read More
  • Inteva Products: R&D for vehicle interiors systems (e.g., instrument panels, door trim, floor consoles, interior surfaces, stitching). Read more
  • Nanogate Jay Systems LLC: R&D for applications in the areas of chrome and stainless-steel alternatives, decorative surface finishes and innovative lighting. Read More
  • Toyodenso/Weastec: R&D for the design and development of vehicle electrical components. Read More

Financial Services

  • JP Morgan Chase: Financial technology (fintech) lab created by JPMorgan Chase's R&D arm at The Point at Otterbein University. Read More


  • Andelyn Biosciences: Company establishes a new commercial-scale Gene Therapy Manufacturing Facility, adding a critical element to central Ohio’s cell and gene therapy ecosystem. Read More
  • Hitachi Healthcare Americas: The company’s first R&D center outside of Japan, dedicated to advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring about a new generation of imaging technology. Read More
  • Quality Electrodynamics (QED): The first recipient. QED’s R&D center is dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions for healthcare. Read More


  • Pillar Technology: R&D for testing, development and deployment of safe, reliable autonomous vehicle technologies. Read More

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