Integrated Autonomous Systems

Ready. Set. Go! Ohio is Ahead in Mobility.

Autonomous vehicle technology and research are impacting the way auto and aviation manufacturers are designing the cars and planes of tomorrow. Whether you are investing in automotive smart mobility, or aerospace and defense Advanced Air Mobility, you can find the resources you need to design, test, and deploy the future of smart mobility in Ohio. From developing batteries for electric vehicles to providing smart intersections and drone delivery, Ohio has it all. Here, companies and organizations are actively designing, testing, and deploying advanced mobility because Ohio has the infrastructure in place to immediately put you on roads or in the sky. So, no matter what stage of autonomous technology development you are in or what you are looking to do, Ohio is ready for you.

To learn more about autonomous vehicle or advanced mobility technology in Ohio, contact our team of experts who help businesses take advantage of technology, research, available real estate, manufacturing in Ohio.

  • Automated driving systems
  • Smart logistics
  • Electrification
  • Smart belt coalition
  • Connected automated vehicle corridors
  • Unmanned air traffic management corridors
  • Sky Vision airspace monitoring
  • Regional + urban air mobility
  • Remote tower monitoring innovation

Where Do You Specialize?

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Agility Prime

What Does it Mean to “Design, Test and Deploy” in Ohio?

Ohio has a leading innovation ecosystem in advanced mobility that makes it possible for you to do everything from research and development to real-world application in the state. Here’s what we mean when we say you can “design, test and deploy” in Ohio.


Human Factors
Flight Controls
Law & Policy


Ground-Based Detect & Avoid Test Ranges & Evaluation Areas Ground & Air System Integration


Manufacturing & Supply Chain Acquisition & Procurement Training & Education

Ready to Get Started? Here’s What’s Next.

Let us put Ohio’s resources to work for you. But before we do, here is what happens first.


Ohio’s collaboration process begins with discussions about your objectives, to identify the best combination of partners, resources and assets to help your team deliver outcomes.


We work with your team to quickly establish agreements and tailer procedures, to get your team started on the ground and in the air in Ohio at the speed of business.


Our team of experts provide ongoing support throughout your project, with the ability to rapidly adjust and add partners to meet your team’s needs as your project evolves.

Investment Support for Advanced Mobility


JobsOhio offers a variety of performance-based incentives to aid autonomous technology companies that are starting, relocating or expanding operations in the state. This funding can support workforce development, research and development, revitalization and other elements to help you grow your business in Ohio.

Research & Development Center Grant

JobsOhio is committed to supporting pioneers in the state and driving industry-changing innovation. That’s why we created the JobsOhio Research & Development (R&D) Center Grant which includes up to $100 million of overall funding assistance to help facilitate the creation of new R&D centers across Ohio. This grant can help you establish new R&D for your initiatives.

Sites and Buildings Initiatives

JobsOhio offers multiple initiatives related to site and building development for autonomous vehicle research and manufacturing, advanced mobility research & more. From readily available sites to help with site upgrades, find the support you need to choose a location, customize the facility and begin operations.


Jonathan Bridges
Jonathan Bridges
Managing Director
Automotive, Steel and White Goods
Elaine Bryant
Elaine Bryant
Managing Director

FlyOhio to Partner with NASA in Advanced Air Mobility Deployment

FlyOhio, a collaboration of public, private, and academic institutions led by DriveOhio’s advanced air mobility group, has been selected to participate in NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility National Campaign. Building upon Ohio’s ground-breaking work in “beyond-line-of-sight” drone systems and SkyVision work at Springfield-Beckley Airport and leveraging relationships established through the U.S. Air Force’s Agility Prime program, FlyOhio’s project will incorporate multiple use cases for personal travel and delivery of goods across the state of Ohio.

Ohio Demonstrates Leadership in the Future of Autonomous Mobility

Ohio Demonstrates Leadership in the Future of Autonomous Mobility

Ohio’s partnerships and infrastructure set the state up to be at the forefront in the pursuit of smart mobility and advanced air mobility.
December 16, 2020

Advanced mobility on the ground and in the air will play large roles in the future of transportation of people and goods. Ohio’s infrastructure, partnerships, and federal support make the state a leader in the testing and deployment of smart and advanced air mobility.

Ohio Pushes Aerospace and Aviation Forward with Breakthroughs in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Ohio Pushes Aerospace and Aviation Forward with Breakthroughs in Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Ohio offers unparalleled access to talent, resources and partnerships for expanding aerospace businesses
Glenn Richardson, managing director of advanced manufacturing, aerospace and aviation
October 25, 2019

In Ohio, our aerospace and aviation workforce and R&D, academic institutions, hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers, and cutting-edge advancements in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) make the state an unmatched location to expand and develop an aerospace company.



Pillar Technology prides itself on rapid innovation of the most complex technologies. The tech solutions company is rapidly evolving in its home state and nothing is slowing it down. The company’s latest venture is focused on today’s “space race” and smart mobility. Ohio is playing an important role in supporting Pillar’s momentum.



Steven Hong had achieved success as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley after getting his Ph.D. at Stanford. However, when he and his father, Lang Hong, (associate dean and professor of electrical engineering at Wright State University), had an inkling of an idea, he was drawn back to the Midwest. That was the start of Oculii.