Ohio’s Smart Mobility Resource and Assets

Ohio’s assets for the future of autonomous and connected vehicles
Kristi Tanner, managing director, JobsOhio
January 22, 2018

Ohio is doing more than entertaining the idea of smart mobility, it is taking smart products and putting them into testing. Across the state are assets contributing to the success of smart mobility advancements. In Ohio, a number of resources are available to support smart mobility advancement.


North America’s Largest Independent Proving Grounds: The Transportation Research Center

The heart of North American automotive research since the 1970s
Kristi Tanner, senior managing director of automotive, JobsOhio
November 20, 2017

Practically everything in the automotive industry has passed through the Transportation Research Center (TRC) since the 1970s. Situated in the midst of automotive technology, discovery and manufacturing, TRC is 4,500 acres dedicated to exploring automotive innovation.


There’s No Place Better than Ohio for Smart Mobility

Ohio has the right mix of resources to research, test and, ultimately, bring to market smart mobility technologies
Kristi Tanner, senior managing director of automotive, JobsOhio
November 20, 2017

Ohio’s mix of industry, university, nonprofit and government partners are coming together to create a living lab for autonomous and connected vehicles. The innovation is contagious and its benefits are continuing to attract companies exploring smart mobility.


Ohio Innovates, Thanks to JobsOhio R&D Center Grants

Goal for grant is to create innovative products, services and jobs.
Andrew Deye, senior director of strategy, sales & research, JobsOhio
November 17, 2017

The R&D Center Grant Program allows JobsOhio to make strategic investments in new R&D centers that support our targeted industries and the evolution of the Ohio economy. Since its inception, four R&D centers representing an array of industries have been announced, with more deals expected in the coming months.

Chairman Cao signing the first piece of glass produced in Ohio by Fuyao while State Rep. Niraj Antani looks on.

Fuyao Surpasses Expectations for U.S. Growth and Success in Ohio

Abandoned factory transformed into the world’s largest glass production facility
Jeff Hoagland, Dayton Development Coalition President and CEO
August 12, 2016

Fuyao Glass America benefits from Ohio’s talent, workforce training, partnerships and logistics advantage. In June 2016, the company announced plans to lease an additional 240,000 square feet, with 2 million square feet of operations. Employment at the site is expected to reach over 2,000.