Financial Services


Accessing Funds at a Speed That Is a “Billon” Times Faster

Fintech71 Spotlight: Billon
Fintech71 Staff
February 14, 2018

The transaction process can be painful, but Billon is working to eliminate the hassles of payments and any potential for hacking. The money goes directly from one person to another without any intermediaries. Whether you’re sending a large payment or transferring even 1 cent, Billon makes it possible without fixed fees, waiting, risks or paperwork. Thanks to Fintech71, companies such as Billon are getting excited about the opportunities that Ohio offers for a fintech competitive advantage.


K-12 School Payments Become a Piece of “Cookie”

Fintech71 Spotlight: Skookii
Fintech71 Staff
January 30, 2018

Built by school business managers and parents, Phoenix’s Skookii is a way for parents in public, private, rural and charter schools to make payments through mobile or web applications and have a little fun doing it.


Optimizing Income and Benefits for Part-Time and Independent Workers

Fintech71 Spotlight: Steady
Fintech71 Staff
January 30, 2018

Many of the jobs created in the last several years, including part-time and contracted work, operate outside of conventional company lines. This trend will only continue. Steady is using patent-pending, job-matching technology and a personalized user experience to help these independent workers optimize their opportunities, incomes and rewards.


Chatbots Lend Their AI to Insurance Optimization

Fintech71 Spotlight: Elafris
Fintech71 Staff
January 30, 2018

One of the greatest pains is dealing with the accessibility of information through a mobile device. When the CEO of Elafris, an AI chatbot for insurance optimization, spent several minutes trying to get to his insurance information through an app, he decided it was time to find a solution. That’s when he created Elafris.


A Simple and Secure Solution for SMEs to Onboard Customers

Fintech71 Spotlight: ID-Pal
Fintech71 Staff
January 30, 2018

Ireland’s ID-Pal is looking to save businesses time by connecting them to their customers in a matter of minutes. Smaller companies don’t have the capability or capacity to integrate third-party technology into their operations. ID-Pal’s know your customer solution resolves this issue for small to medium-sized enterprises.


App-solutely Efficient Banking

Fintech71 Spotlight: PayKey
Fintech71 Staff
January 30, 2018

PayKey, a startup in the Fintech71 inaugural cohort, connects banks to their users within any app. The payments are quick, simple and secure, and bring social banking to a whole new level.