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Make Ohio Home

Thu May 03 2018

What is a home?

A home is a trusted place. A place built on a firm foundation, with a strong infrastructure and a roof for protection. Similarly, Ohio is home to many, providing a strong base to build on and a wealth of opportunities on the road to prosperity.

What happens in Ohio impacts the world. It is here, in Ohio, where talent, collaboration and world-class institutions transform big ideas into industry-changing products, services and solutions.

Home is where the heart is, and Ohio has nothing but heart.

Geographically located in the “heart” of the United States, Ohio is close to major cities and large populations, which gives companies access to options. Options that involve faster transportation, more talent and better connectivity to major industry hubs.

Ohio’s research and innovation resources include thought leaders who collaborate with each other and companies to bring about new and better ways to travel, improve lifetransactconnectmake thingsmove thingspower things and maximize opportunity.

Among all of its assets, Ohio’s greatest source of “heart” is its people. Everything Ohio companies and establishments produce is created by the productive hands and brilliant minds of everyday Ohioans. Educated by renowned colleges, universities and trade schools, Ohioans are well-prepared for the work of today and the needs of tomorrow in any industry. For generations, Ohioans have consistently exhibited the determination, enthusiasm and that spark of genius that power innovation and make Ohio a great place to call home.

In Ohio, companies are building for the future, building for their success and building for the residents of Ohio. From small towns to major metropolitans, Ohio is attracting leaders from all over the world that are coming here to grow, innovate and succeed. So, wherever you are, here’s your invitation: Make Ohio Home.

After all, there’s no place like it.

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