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Board of Directors

Robert Smith
Robert C. Smith
Board Chairman, Executive Committee Chair

Partner and Cleveland Market Leader
Cerity Partners LLC

JP Nauseef
J.P. Nauseef
Executive Committee

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry Sue Thornton
Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton
Audit Committee Chair, Compensation & Workforce Committee

DreamCatcher Educational Consulting Service

General Lester L Lyles
General Lester L. Lyles
Compensation & Workforce Committee Chair, Investment Committee

United States Air Force (Retired)

Richard J Platt
Richard J. Platt
Audit Committee, Compensation & Workforce Committee

President and CEO
Heath-Newark-Licking County Port Authority

John J. Bishop
John J. Bishop
Investment Committee Chair, Executive Committee

Encova Insurance, Board of Directors

Scott Sullivan
Scott A. Sullivan
Audit Committee, Compensation & Workforce Committee

President and CEO of SelectTech Services Corporation

Thomas L. Williams
Thomas L. Williams
Executive Committee, Investment Committee

President and CEO
North American Properties

William G. Batchelder
William G. Batchelder, Emeritus

Chairman Emeritus of The Batchelder Company
Former Speaker of the Ohio House

Lori Marie Gillett
Lori Marie Gillett
Audit Committee, Investment Committee
Corna Kokosing