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Demographics & Workforce

Discover Ohio’s Greatest Asset

Demographics and Workforce

Exceeding the expectations of even the most demanding employers

JobsOhio recognizes the challenges organizations face when finding, hiring, and training a qualified workforce. In Ohio, organizations have access to an abundant and industrious talent pool, from tech-savvy coders to computer numerically controlled (CNC) operators, from engineers and scientists to those in professional services and healthcare. This workforce is educated, committed, skilled, and productive.


Companies looking for additional workforce support can rely on JobsOhio various programs and partnerships, including the JobsOhio Workforce Grant and the Talent Acquisition Services that offers customized sourcing, screening, and training solutions.


Low Cost of Living

In Ohio, people don’t have to choose between a successful professional life and a fulfilling personal life. Ohio’s composite cost of living index was significantly lower than the national and regional average in 2020, and Ohio ranks #1 in affordability under the U.S.News Opportunity Rankings.

Investing in Ohio’s workforce
Population of Ohio is 7th largest in U.S.

Accolades for Ohio’s Workforce

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Ohio ranks second in Forbes’ quality of life metric thanks to low living costs, short commutes and a plethora of top-rate colleges and cultural and recreational opportunities.
High-paying professional and technical jobs continue to grow rapidly in Ohio, providing attractive opportunities for new graduates.
Michael Jones
University of Cincinnati Department of Economics
Demographics and Workforce
As we grew and looked for talent, we found incredible talent in Ohio and in the Midwest —and over the last three years, as we have organically grown, the decision is looking even better.
Steven Hong
Ph.D., CEO, Oculii

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Major Businesses
Many well-known brands call Ohio home.
Ohio brands
Education & Training
Ohio puts education first to create tomorrow’s workforce.
Workforce Trends

Ohioans bring a Midwest work ethic and top-level talent

Ohio’s software engineers cost 40% less than California’s
Largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S.
Bioscience employees, excluding healthcare providers


Ohio’s rare combination of resources and talent help healthcare companies thrive.

By the Numbers


Healthcare jobs outpacing national employment growth


Increase in bioscience-related degrees

Energy and Chemicals

While the energy sector nationally is reeling from the effects of the pandemic, Ohio’s past investments in shale and the petrochemical industry, and the abundance of talent, will ensure that the state is poised to capitalize on the resurgence of the industry.

  • Ohio schools granted 67 percent more annual degrees and certificates for chemistry, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, and similar programs from 2010-19, second in the region.
  • Total investment in Ohio’s resource-rich shale energy sector surpassed $90 billion since tracking began in 2011, according to a Cleveland State University (CSU) study.


Ohio is on the rise as a tech hub in the U.S. with expertise in sectors including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, IoT, and more.

By the Numbers


Increase in computer engineering degrees (2009-19)


Scientists, engineers, & technicians employed (2000)

Advanced Manufacturing

Ohio is for makers dedicated to craftsmanship, productivity, and innovation.

By the Numbers


In plastic and rubber manufacturing in the U.S.


Talent availability for 3D printing in the Midwest


In active apprentices in the U.S.

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