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The New Competitive Advantage of U.S.-based Plastic Manufacturing

Thu Dec 01 2022 - Thu Dec 01 2022

A new revolution in plastics manufacturing is here. Trends that led to offshoring U.S. manufacturing operations have reversed in favor of domestic production, eliminating the cost of trans-continental supply chains, and reducing environmental impact.

In this Plastics News webinar, JobsOhio’s Matt Cybulski and experts from Shale Crescent USA will discuss how to better position your operation with global trends and insights for 2023.

You’ll learn:

  • How China lost its competitive advantage
  • The benefits of bringing plastic manufacturing to the U.S.
  • Why Ohio is the best state for domestic production
  • Ohio vs. China cost analysis
  • Which Ohio university is ranked #1 in plastics research in the world

JobsOhio’s Role: Host