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Design, test, and deploy your advanced mobility ideas in Ohio, a hub of innovation. Ohio is already leading the future of ground and air mobility—which means you’ll be able to plug into a robust infrastructure with eager partners, local resources, and far less red tape. Get on the road or in the sky more quickly, effectively, and efficiently with help from Ohio’s many partners in advanced mobility.

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Why Ohio?

Ohio is widely known as the birthplace of aviation. But we also have a rich history of innovation. Ohio is home to top suppliers, manufacturers, academics, researchers, and trailblazers in the automotive, aviation, and aerospace industries.


Ohio’s $104.6 billion manufacturing industry is the 3rd largest in the nation, drawing top engineering talent from the coasts. And with more than 80 colleges and universities equipping an average of 13,000 engineering professionals every year, you’ll have access to an impressive and growing advanced manufacturing workforce.


What’s more, you’ll be in close proximity to legislative and governmental initiatives, public and private collaborations, and ground-breaking, cross-industry research and development. If you’re looking for partners like NASA, General Motors, and the US Air Force, Ohio is a smart place to build.

Find the talent and resources to build your business in Ohio.

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Largest manufacturing workforce
Colleges & universities
Largest automotive state
A group of grads
Engineering graduates each year
Highest number of top aerospace jobs

Design, Test, and Deploy, Right Here

Your design teams get to focus on airworthiness, controls, and human factors while leaning on Ohio’s mobility-friendly laws and policies. You’ll be able to test using ground-based detect-and-avoid test ranges and evaluation areas, as well as ground and air system integration. And when it’s time to deploy, we have the manufacturing and supply chain management acquisition and procurement infrastructure you need, including robust educational and training opportunities.


Work in partnership with internationally recognized air and ground mobility giants in Ohio. Automotive innovators rely on DriveOhio to bring partners like Honda and The Ohio State University to the table, while aviation innovators rely on FlyOhio to tap organizations like The Ohio UAS Center and SkyVision to support you during the design phase. The Transportation Research Center (TRC) supports both ground and air advanced mobility initiatives under AccelerateOhio.

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Put your ground and air advanced mobility ideas to the test in Ohio, an ideal testing ground for all ground and air conditions in all four seasons. SMART Cities and Connected Corridors offer on-the-spot insight and real-time research capabilities, while public, private, and federal test facilities are eager to help you troubleshoot issues, refine strategies, and push boundaries. AccelerateOhio enables efficient, effective testing that gets you to market.

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Ohio’s robust infrastructure ensures supply chains, test markets, partners, and legislation you can rely on. Governmental entities are eager to support smart vehicle initiatives to support a growing number of connected communities. Lawmakers have already opened the skies for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management (UTM) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). AccelerateOhio is your go-to resource to find the ideal location to bring your ground and air mobility technologies to market.

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We Have You Covered.

Move toward a safer, smarter automotive future in Ohio.
Launch your idea in Ohio’s unmatched aviation and aerospace industries.

Ready to Go in Ohio

Discover the infrastructure assets, research partners, and federally backed certifications you need to lead in Ohio. From projects like the Cincinnati Mobility Lab and Youngstown’s Smart2 Network to connected corridors like the I-670 SmartLane and the Lake Effect Corridor, Ohio is a prime example of smart mobility in action.

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DriveOhio is a blend of public and private infrastructure entities that coordinate with advanced mobility technology developers to create a smart transportation system.

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The 540-acre Smart Mobility Advanced Research and Test (SMART) Center at the TRC enables testing of new technologies and autonomous and connected vehicles in a real-world environment.

Learn More



OFRN supports research and development initiatives in smart mobility technologies through a collaboration of industry, university, and NASA or AFRL partnerships.

Visit OFRN



FlyOhio seeks to make Ohio airspace among the first in the nation ready to fly beyond line of sight.

Visit FlyOhio



OSU’s Center for Automotive Research (CAR) program is focused on intelligent transportation systems, advanced vehicle safety, and sustainable mobility within a state-of-the-art Driving Simulation Laboratory.

Learn More



NASA Glenn Research Center runs more than 500 specialized aviation research and test facilities, including sound testing for drones in collaboration with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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With a mission to provide safe and easy movement of people and goods from place to place, ODOT supports the state highway system and promotes transportation initiatives statewide.

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The combined effort of Connected Marysville, Connected Dublin, and public and private partners created the Route 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, one of the largest deployments of connected vehicles in the country.

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The AFRL leads the discovery, development, and delivery of warfighting technologies for air, space, and cyberspace forces, as well as emerging UAM/UTM markets.

Visit AFRL



TRC is the nation’s largest independent vehicle test facility and proving grounds with 4,500 acres of road courses and a 7.5-mile, high-speed oval test track.

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SkyVision offers airspace monitoring services for aircraft and sensor testing of drone and unmanned aircraft flight beyond sight operations at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport.

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AFWERx Agility Prime, a non-traditional military program that accelerates the commercial market for advanced air mobility vehicles (i.e., “flying cars”) through universal safety and security standards.

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Business Incentives

We offer a variety of performance-based incentives to aid autonomous technology companies in Ohio.

Research & Development Center Grant

This JobsOhio grant includes up to $100 million of funding assistance to help facilitate the creation of new research and development centers.

Sites & Buildings Initiatives

We offer multiple initiatives related to site and building development for autonomous vehicle research and manufacturing, advanced mobility research, and more.

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Come design, test, and deploy in Ohio and you’ll gain access to collaborative public and private partners and resources including a built-in manufacturing supply chain that boasts the 3rd largest manufacturing workforce in the nation. We bring public and private innovators and decision makers together to remove barriers, make connections, and provide opportunity.


Talk to one of our JobsOhio directors. We know the questions to ask, the steps to take, and the contacts to make to get you on the ground or in the air on your timeline.

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