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Air Mobility

eVTOL flies over an Ohio forest

Ready to Fly.

If you really want to innovate, you need airspace where flight-based advanced mobility isn’t a work-in-progress. Design, test, and build in Ohio, where the infrastructure is already in place. Our long-standing first-in-flight reputation has elevated our state into a vibrant aviation and aerospace industry hub. From 3D printing to Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), Air Force operations to advanced aerospace technologies, Ohio is where aviation, engineering, and aerospace companies are investing in and building the future.

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Gain Assets and Authority.

From the origin of aviation to the latest in flight technology, Ohio is a pioneer—and you can be, too. When it comes to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), no state stands above Ohio in the development of this vital technology. Other states might be aiming to make AAM a possibility, but Ohio has the infrastructure that can put you in the sky now.

Adopt Existing Infrastructure.

Take your air technology to new heights with Ohio’s integrated transportation systems. You’ll have access to Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) infrastructure along the US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor in Columbus and SkyVision, a ground-based sense-and-avoid radar system at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport in Springfield.


Work with organizations like SkyVision and NASA to bring your aviation and aerospace concepts to life. Collaboration with Ohio’s statewide advanced air mobility infrastructure enables testing and insights for modifications to design in Ohio’s living lab.

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Partner with government, academic, military and industry organizations pursuing aerospace research and aviation development. This includes Battelle, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the Ohio UAS Center, and the NASA Glenn Research Center, which runs more than 500 specialized research and test facilities, including sound testing for drones.

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Take advantage of a supply chain trusted by the industry’s best. Ohio is the nation’s leading supplier state to Airbus and Boeing. Within and around Ohio, you’ll find an array of companies specializing in propulsion, landing and braking systems, advanced materials, fluid handling, and motion control, as well as sensors and integrated aircraft systems.

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Ohio Hosted Advanced Air Mobility Conference

As the pioneering Wright Brothers invented and built the first flying aircraft in the Dayton area, Ohio was a fitting place to host a conference on the future of flight.

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Get to Know Ohio’s Research and Talent.

If you want to go where exciting new research is happening, Ohio is your best destination. Our Smart Mobility Program (FlyOhio) is working with key US government agencies to ensure domestic leadership and IP retention in this game-changing space.

But you won’t just have access to research in Ohio—you’ll have access to first-in-class talent. Ohio has an unmatched pool of aerospace and aviation engineering pros. Ohio’s workforce expertise will help you develop and deploy a full mobility system for air mobility including testing and market validation.

Meet Your New Partners.

Investing in Ohio means you already have a green light from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and state lawmakers, putting your project on a fast track to mission accomplished. Ohio has a broad coalition of AAM stakeholders spanning industry, academia, nonprofits, local, state, and federal partners.


Collaboration with the following advanced air mobility resources enables testing and insights for modifications to design in Ohio’s living lab.



NASA Glenn Research Center runs more than 500 specialized aviation research and test facilities, including sound testing for drones in collaboration with the FAA. The Center designs and develops innovative technology to advance NASA’s missions in aeronautics and space exploration from Cleveland, Ohio. A highly skilled workforce of more than 3,000 scientists, engineers, technicians, and administrative and support personnel is focused on researching and testing game-changing technology in propulsion, aeronautics, materials and structures, communications, power and energy storage, and biomedical sciences.



AFRL leads the discovery, development, and delivery of warfighting technologies for air, space and cyberspace forces. The lab is pushing boundaries and building tomorrow through unparalleled research in aerospace systems, munitions, hypersonics, human performance, artificial intelligence, sensors, directed energy, and more. With partners in higher education, business, and government, the AFRL is creating more airspace for you.



SkyVision is the ground-based sense-and-avoid radar system at the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport in Springfield, Ohio. The $5 million initiative, developed and installed by AFRL and other partners and operated by the Ohio Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Center, offers airspace monitoring services for aircraft and sensor testing operations and gives the airport the unique capability to manage drone and unmanned aircraft flight beyond the operator’s visual line of sight.



Ohio’s work in developing research for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) makes it an ideal location for companies to establish operations. In fact, the Springfield-Beckley Municipal Airport is home to the Ohio UAS Center and SkyVision, a beyond-visual-line-of-sight range operated in partnership with the AFRL and the state of Ohio. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted the AFRL a certificate of authorization to fly and test unmanned aircraft and other advanced aerospace technologies beyond visual line of sight within a 200-square-mile airspace around the Springfield- Beckley Municipal Airport.

Get Access to Agility Prime.

Agility Prime is a non-traditional military program seeking to accelerate the commercial market for Advanced Air Mobility vehicles, a vital market for national security of the United States. Ohio is uniquely positioned to support the Agility Prime mission because of its smart mobility infrastructure, proximity to Agility Prime leadership, Air Force testing capabilities, airworthiness expertise at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), as well as leading-edge research expertise across the state. Ohio’s work in developing research for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) makes it an ideal location for Agility Prime contractors to establish operations.

Rich Resources

Test your technology both in the air and on the ground alongside the researchers and testing professionals at Ohio’s Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), the state’s largest single-site employer. Wright Patterson is home to the Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC), the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), the Life Cycle Management Center (LCMC), the Air Force Institute of Technology and the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

Federal Facilities

Locate your company alongside integral federal installations, including Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), and NASA Glenn Research Center, each one key to the nation’s leadership in advanced and autonomous mobility research and operations.

Barrier Removal

Take flight under Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization. Leverage FlyOhio initiatives including the US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor, Transportation Research Center (TRC), and SkyVision, a ground-based detect-and-avoid radar system for development and testing.

Get to Market. Faster.

Ohio has the aerospace manufacturers, suppliers, research and development capabilities, and talent to help you launch and commercialize your projects. AccelerateOhio is your go-to set of resources to understand how Ohio’s advanced mobility assets can work for you. Ohio is the ideal location to bring your automotive smart mobility technologies to market.

Reach out to us before you get too far along in the process, and we’ll help you find the perfect place to design, test, and build in Ohio.

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