2018 Annual Report and 2019 Strategic Plan

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2018 Highlights

This report provides an overview of how JobsOhio executes its mission to drive job creation, new capital investment and economic growth in Ohio through business attraction, retention and expansion efforts.

In collaboration with our state, regional and local partners, JobsOhio announced 266 projects last year. With these projects, companies committed to create 27,071 new jobs for Ohioans, representing 19 percent growth over the previous year, and $1.3 billion in new payroll, a 23 percent increase from the previous year. Additionally, these companies committed to retain 69,905 existing jobs and make $9.6 billion in new capital investments, which is also a new high for JobsOhio.

In 2019, JobsOhio will remain focused on growing jobs, payroll and capital investment across small and large business as well as enhancing our client-focused programs. This report also outlines how JobsOhio will leverage the McKinsey & Co. independent performance assessment to advance strategic initiatives for future impact.


John Minor
President and Chief Investment Officer

JobsOhio Results

2019 JobsOhio Results

JobsOhio Year-Over-Year Results

JobsOhio works collaboratively with regional and local economic development partners across the state to help companies create and retain jobs and payroll and support capital investment.

JobsOhio Metrics*201620172018
Total Projects284272266
New Jobs20,60322,78827,071
New Jobs Payroll$994 Million$1.1 Billion$1.3 Billion
Retained Jobs76,77367,84969,905
Retained Jobs Payroll$4.3 Billion$4.7 Billion$4.2 Billion
Capital Investment$4.6 Billion$9.6 Billion$9.6 Billion

Culture of Excellence

Company culture is fundamental to JobsOhio’s performance. Its culture is based on three key core values:

Act With Integrity

JobsOhio is honest and does what is right to build relationships, even when it is difficult.

Value People

JobsOhio respects relationships inside and outside of the organization to ensure successful outcomes.

Make a Difference

JobsOhio works with companies to help them reach their goals. In turn, their success improves the lives and communities.

Ohio's Strong Foundation

Growth begins with a strong foundation. For generations, Ohio has touted numerous and diverse economic strengths. With the help of JobsOhio and its partners, these strengths have endured, and new areas of opportunity have been identified. Whether it’s technology, thought leadership or the evolution of next-generation industries, Ohio has a foundation that sets the stage for companies of all sizes across multiple industries to continue on the path of success.

Ohio's Focused Future

A foundation of experience and insights gained along the way set the stage for JobsOhio to focus on the future. In collaboration with numerous partners, JobsOhio will continue its mission to accelerate Ohio’s growth while focusing on key enablers to address areas of opportunity. This year, the insights gained from work with McKinsey & Company aided the development of key priorities that will move Ohio forward.

JobsOhio Differentiators

JobsOhio has a unique business model, giving it the ability to work with, and respond to, companies in ways that other state-level economic development organizations cannot. Since its start in 2011, JobsOhio has had a positive impact on Ohio’s economy through the work it does to attract and retain jobs as well as through capital investment.

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