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Reimbursement Process

Final Request Due by the Metric Evaluation Date

In most cases as soon as the Agreement is executed, your company can submit a request for reimbursement after it has a call with a member of the Project Performance Team (PPT). If the PPT does not receive a reimbursement request by the Metric Evaluation Date listed in the executed Agreement, the available funds will expire.

JobsOhio Required Documentation

For a more in-depth review of the required documentation, download the JobsOhio Reimbursement Guide or watch the videos below.



  • Templates for these can be found below.
  • Invoices must be listed in chronological order from oldest to newest to mirror the required Consolidated PDF.
  • If your Agreement has a training incentive, training must be organized in chronological order, based on the training end date, from oldest to newest.



  • Invoices and PoP should be in one consolidated PDF file in chronological order from oldest to newest based on the invoice date. It should be ordered with the invoice first, followed by its corresponding PoP.
  • Verify invoices only include Eligible Costs from the Agreement. Taxes and fees are not considered eligible for reimbursement.
  • Confirm costs incurred were directly by the Grantee or Borrower on the first page of the Agreement. JobsOhio cannot reimburse for costs incurred by any other entity but the entities listed in the executed Agreement.
  • ***For a list of acceptable PoP, please refer to the JobsOhio Reimbursement Guide.



  • Not all Agreements have disbursement conditions. Reference your executed Agreement to determine if you have this requirement.
  • Documentation must be submitted indicating the disbursement conditions have been met


Once the required documentation is ready, click “Submit Reimbursement Request” below to begin the request.


Please note once a Request for Reimbursement is submitted to the PPT, the assigned PPT member will review the request within 30 days as stated in the executed Agreement. If everything is submitted in the required format the first time, JobsOhio estimates it will take 4-6 weeks for funds to reach the Grantee’s or Borrower’s account. Per the executed Agreement, if the PPT member has any questions, they will reach out to the Reimbursement Contact for an update. Once the new documents are submitted, the 30-day timer restarts.

Materials for download
Post-Execution Guide
Reimbursement Request Form

The Project Performance Team developed short “how-to” videos to give you a better understanding of what information your company is required to submit in order to receive its reimbursement.

video thumbnail

Chapter 1: Introduction

An introduction to the JobsOhio Reimbursement Process

video thumbnail

Chapter 2: High-Level Overview

A high-level overview to the reimbursement process and six tips to submitting your request in the correct format the first time.

video thumbnail

Chapter 3: Submission Requirements

Submission requirements for all JobsOhio reimbursement requests.

video thumbnail

Chapter 4: Workforce Grant - New Method

Details for submitting your Workforce Grant under the new processing method. If you are not sure if the new method applies to you, contact the Performance Team.

video thumbnail

Chapter 5: Growth Fund Loan

Details for submitting for reimbursement under the Growth Fund Loan.

video thumbnail

Chapter 6: Phase II Revitalization Grant

Details for submitting for reimbursement under the Phase II Revitalization Grant.

video thumbnail

Chapter 7: Workforce Grant - Old Method

Details for submitting your Workforce Grant under the old processing method. If you are not sure if the old method applies to you, contact the Performance Team.

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