Rapid Deployment Initiative Disbursement Submission

Thank you for visiting the Disbursement Request page. This format should look familiar to those companies who, in the past, had to visit JobsOhio’s Reimbursement Request page to seek reimbursement.

JobsOhio is proud to walk you through the process to access the JobsOhio Rapid Deployment Initiative, or JORDI. You will use this page to request upfront disbursement of funds in advance of the eligible costs either detailed in your company's executed grant or loan agreement, or as expanded by action by the JobsOhio board of directors as an accommodation due to emergency response actions taken by government authorities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By now, you have received your Submission ID. Please use that ID, complete the Reimbursement Submission Form below and attach the signed Disbursement Request Form. The documentation of this disbursement request is due to JobsOhio by June 30, 2021.

Once submitted, you will receive a pop-up notification on this page indicating it was submitted successfully. If you have any questions, please contact JORDI@JobsOhio.com.