Ohio offers a business environment that attracts global investment and fosters growth. Ohio’s simplified tax structure, central location and affordable cost of doing business are catalysts for past and future economic diversification and prosperity.

linkedin-two-hour-flight-mapJobsOhio offers several site selection and development resources to make investment in the state simple, efficient and cost effective. One of these programs - SiteOhio - provides access to properties that have been vetted through a comprehensive review and analysis process that is more stringent than any other site certification process in the U.S. Additionally, programs like the JobsOhio R&D Center Grants and Innovation Fund provide access to capital and other resources that support opportunity and growth.

JobsOhio also recognizes the challenges organizations face when trying to find, hire and train a qualified workforce, and understands that a company thrives when its talent thrives. In an effort to help businesses in high demand industries like advanced manufacturing and technology, JobsOhio has created a multi-faceted approach to assisting Ohio companies in targeted, strategic partnerships. JobsOhio helps navigate the plentiful and professional workforce partners in Ohio, along with investing in increasing a skilled talent pool through key strategies for recruiting top talent, upskilling incumbent workers and reskilling workers for the jobs of the future.

Since March of 2020, Ohio companies have benefited from over $300 million invested in numerous programs designed to provide relief during the public health crisis, including: the JobsOhio Workforce Retention Loan, the JobsOhio Innovation Fund and partnerships with Peoples Bank and First Federal/Home Savings Bank. This infusion of funding was made possible by strong state leadership and bipartisan cooperation between the executive and legislative branches, a hallmark of governance in Ohio.

Ohio is an extraordinary and diverse state, located in the center of America’s heartland and just a day’s drive from 60 percent of the North American population. Here in Ohio, businesses large and small, entrepreneurs, and innovators can realize their goals. Every day we are building on our history of innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work to move Ohio forward.

As the 21st largest economy in the world, and the seventh largest in the United States, our strong business climate and diverse workforce support a variety of industries from manufacturing to agriculture, and from healthcare to aviation and energy.

Ohio’s vibrant city centers, natural parks, and world-class arts, sports and entertainment provide a quality of life that is second to none. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it here in Ohio.

Collaboration is at the center of our success. Working with JobsOhio, we continue to build a world-class workforce with the skills necessary to propel the state’s economy forward. 

Led by a board of directors who are stakeholders in business, real estate, higher education, and the military, JobsOhio is the state’s private economic development corporation. Building on our historical strengths, JobsOhio’s industry sector teams collaborate with six regional partners and local economic development organizations to identify how Ohio can empower your business and help it grow.

Together with JobsOhio, we are building a strong economic development strategy for Ohio and a strong foundation for growth. We are committed – as is JobsOhio – to serve all Ohioans, and provide opportunity across Ohio from large cities to our small towns and villages. We are working every day to provide opportunities for economic growth, and investing in infrastructure, broadband internet, and education.

We hope you will reach out to the JobsOhio team to learn how Ohio can be a partner in your success. Opportunity. Innovation. Teamwork. You can find it here in Ohio.

Very respectfully yours,

Mike DeWine

Mike DeWine

John Husted

Jon Husted
Lt. Governor