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There's a Reason Forbes Ranks Ohio #2 for Quality of Life


Whoever you are, wherever you’re coming from, whatever you’re looking for—you can find it in Ohio. A microcosm of the U.S. in a single state, Ohio represents the best of what our country has to offer: an amazing mix of affordability, quality of life, diverse industry, diverse communities, natural beauty, and a dynamic hub for innovation, culture, sports, education, and economic growth.


A place where you can have balance. Live. Work, Invest. Live your own version of the American Dream. In Ohio, you don’t have to make the false choice of success in your business endeavors or professional endeavors at the expense of success in your family, personal, or community endeavors. You can do all of those things here. That’s why people from all walks and stages of life are reassessing, reprioritizing, and relocating to Ohio – the heart of America’s Heartland – to realize their best work and their best self.

Experience the Best of the Midwest

Our Recipe for Success


Ohio is the #1 most affordable state in the U.S. That means the life you want is within financial reach. Whether you're building a business or a career, you'll get more for your money when great salaries, lower taxes, and a better cost of living combine to open the doors to your American Dream.

Midwestern Friendly

Consistently ranked one of the friendliest states, Ohio embraces a warm, genuine culture that extends from its biggest cities to its outermost neighborhoods and towns. It's no secret that the work-life balance made possible here plays a role.


Ohio has the benefits of a big state with a hometown feel. Even as the 7th most populous state in the country, backyards are bigger, shopping is close by and there's plenty of cultural and natural wonders to explore. Add in all the impeccable food, arts, sports, and entertainment, and we've got a winning formula.


Ohio is "The Heart of it All." That's not just a slogan, it is a geographical fact. We're centrally located and easily accessible with an advanced interstate highway system and several international airports. Here, you're close to more than 60% of the U.S. and Canadian population.

Work Ethic

Don't let our laid-back lifestyle and natural affability fool you. We're nice folks to work with, but we're plenty competitive and take pride in the dignity of hard work. Generational grit lives here and welcomes you.

Growing Economy

Our rapidly growing economy promises more opportunity for you and your family. The COVID pandemic revealed the true resilience, caring, and competence of Ohioans and Ohio's leadership, and our confidence is higher than ever.



With renowned universities, federal research institutes, leading companies from nine major industry sectors, and 14 top-ranked hospital systems, Ohio has long been a center of excellence in life sciences, information technology, advanced industrial innovation, and R&D.


Ohio provides access to some of the best educational opportunities available. From K-12 to higher education institutions, Ohio enables the full shockwave impact that education can have.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Ohio is fertile ground for culinary treats that will wow the foodie in you. Farm-raised ingredients, world-class chefs, local brewers, and mixologists to boot. Taste and see for yourself

Arts & Entertainment

From the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and museums to performing arts and theater groups, to comedy clubs, festivals, botanical gardens, and parks, there is something for everyone to ignite creativity, thrills, and reflection.


Living Here

It doesn't take long to realize why Ohio is home to some of the world's greatest athletic champions. Whether it's the Cavaliers, the Guardians, the Browns, the Bengals, the Buckeyes, or the Blue Jackets, Ohio is home to fierce competitors in every league and level.

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