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Ohio History

Innovation and opportunity. It’s what Ohio does best.

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World History Goes Through Ohio

Ohio is more than 40,000 square miles of busy cities, charming small towns, sparkling rivers, sprawling hills, and beautiful farmland. The people who have called Ohio home have left their mark on history and Ohio continues to be at the center of cutting-edge innovation. Some of the world’s biggest historical moments started in Ohio: the invention of the airplane, both the first man to orbit the moon and to set foot on the moon, and eight U.S. presidents all started here. With one of the world’s biggest economies, plentiful resources, technology, and world-class education, it’s clear why Ohio has left its mark on history.

Ohio’s Historical Legacy Today
Supplier State to Boeing and Airbus
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Our state’s rich history depends on the hardworking Ohioans who keep it running.
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Ohio’s legacy of innovation impacts the world each day.


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