• Ohio's transportation assets include:
    • The second largest intermodal rail terminals with 13 terminals connected by the fourth largest network of railroads. (2019)
    • The third largest active freight rail, with nearly 5,388 miles. (2019)
    • The fourth largest maritime system by value. (2019)
    • The fourth largest interstate highway system in the nation, with nearly 7,000 lane miles on eight major routes. (2019)
    • Eight commercial and cargo airports and 97 general aviation airports.
    • Eight commercial ports on Lake Erie and multiple terminals along the Ohio River including the only Great Lakes port with access to Europe.
    • Rickenbaker International Airport, one of the world’s only cargo-focused airports. Regular service to Hong Kong, Dubai, Luxembourg and others (2019)
    • Transportation Research Center (TRC) is the largest independent automotive proving ground in the North America has 4,500 acres of road courses and a 7.5-mile, high-speed oval (2018)
  • Since 2011, ODOT has invested $14.0 billion into nearly 7,000 infrastructure projects, with $2.3 billion and over 1,000 projects in 2017 alone.
    • Annual $2.4 billion budget for transportation projects and improvement (2019)
    • The only Midwest state with direct shipping route from Port of Cleveland to Europe for both container and heavy goods, only Midwest state that can reduce time to market by 5 days or more (2019)


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