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What does “Business Climate” mean?


The term “Business Climate” in general refers to how a given market or location responds to the overall needs and desires of a business. Whether businesses are already existing within or are considering relocation to a given area, Ohio works hard to make the local climate suitable for most businesses.

Over the last six years, Ohio has worked hard to help more than 1,500 companies of all sizes to relocate or expand in Ohio.

For this to happen, there was a focus on the factors that make Ohio the right place for businesses to grow and thrive. These factors include improving the quality of life, helping businesses grow through economic incentives, and aiding the unemployed through reeducation and skill development initiatives.

JobsOhio designs strategies around Ohio’s top industries: advanced manufacturing, aerospace, and aviation, automotive, energy and chemicals, financial services, food and agribusiness, healthcare, information technology, and logistics and distribution. These strategies are supported with a business-friendly tax structure helping Ohio to rank No. 2 in cost of doing business.

Ohio has been named a Top 10 Best State for Business 4 years in a row. You can find success stories, see how our efforts have affected the local communities we serve, and discover how we’ve helped the business community thrive during this global pandemic.