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Traction on Demand Increases Capacity and Adds Jobs in Ohio

Rapidly growing company expands services in a valued community
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One of North America’s largest independent Salesforce consulting and application development firms, Traction on Demand, is expanding its footprint in Dayton. In response to a growing demand for technology support among commercial and nonprofit organizations, Traction in Demand is building a new and larger office in Dayton and adding 80 positions.

AssureCare Commits to 100 New Jobs at Cincinnati Headquarters

Greater Cincinnati offered the best location for talent and continued growth
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Healthtech company AssureCare announced it will expand its current headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. The expansion will add 100 new jobs with a total of $10 million in new payroll. While evaluating location options, AssureCare’s team concluded that Greater Cincinnati provided the best location for growth as well as for access to tech talent.

Booz Allen Hamilton Expansion Establishes Digital Hub in Dayton Region

At least 60 high-tech jobs will be created during expansion.
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Booz Allen Hamilton’s rising demand for its services drove the company to scale up its operations. It chose to grow in Beavercreek with a nearly 10,000 square-foot expansion that will include a new digital hub and secure space, and the company has committed 60 high-tech jobs.

Vantage Point Logistics Expands Columbus Headquarters, Adds 80 Jobs

Company invests more than $2.5 million to accommodate faster than projected growth
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Vantage Point Logistics (VPL), a leader in supply chain technology solutions, is adding more employees and expanding its operations because it is surpassing its initial projected growth rate. VPL is investing more than $2.5 million to expand its operations in Columbus and create 80 jobs.

Nexient Will Create 200 Jobs at Its New Location in Central Ohio

The Silicon Valley-based company cites talent, affordability and opportunity as draw.
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Nexient is the nation’s leading provider of 100 percent, U.S.-based Agile software development services. The demand for its services has brought about major growth for the company and the need for a larger delivery center. In its search for a new location, Nexient decided that an investment in the Midwest, and in Central Ohio in particular, would have great benefits.

Tyler Technologies Creates 200+ Tech Jobs, Expands Headquarters in Moraine, Ohio

Site will serve as national hub for Tyler’s appraisal and tax services
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Tyler Technologies has been recognized by Forbes as an innovative and fast-growing company. Tyler is at capacity at its headquarters in Moraine, Ohio. By expanding in Moraine, Tyler will create over 200 technology-related jobs and turn the facility into its national hub for its appraisal and tax operations.

Healthcare AI Provider Olive is Expanding, Creating 100 High-Tech Jobs in Ohio

Venture capital funding helps Olive re-invest in Ohio to best position it for the future
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After receiving over $32 million in venture capital support, Olive had to prepare for considerable projected growth. Olive needed more space as well as high-tech talent to accommodate a strong demand for its product across the healthcare industry.

InfoTrust is Cultivating Digital Analytics and Technology Talent in Ohio

Abundant tech talent helps company expand in Southwest Ohio
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With a growing demand for its services due to changing international laws, InfoTrust chose Southwest Ohio’s vibrant technology community for fast expansion and talent acquisition.

Ohio Is Poised to Lead the Way Into the Blockchain Age

New law protects firms developing innovative uses for blockchain technology
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On Aug. 3, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation that will stimulate business investment in blockchain technology to transmit and store electronic records in a wide range of industries. The new law makes Ohio one of the first U.S. states to provide legal protection to firms developing new uses for this cutting-edge technology

Columbus-Based Root Insurance Announces Significant Expansion in Ohio

Columbus-Based Root Insurance Announces Significant Expansion in Ohio

Insurtech disruptor plans to grow its workforce by more than 500 percent over the next three years
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Root Insurance is a fast-growing insurtech company that provides customers a personalized car insurance rate based primarily on their driving behaviors. Founded in Ohio in 2015, Root Insurance is now available in 17 states. To meet the growing demand for its product, Root recently announced a significant expansion in Ohio. The company credits its choice to reinvest in Columbus to the quality of the region’s workforce and the city’s rapidly growing reputation as a tech startup hub.