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American Freight Management Company Consolidates HQ in Ohio

Company plans to increase its local workforce by over 50%

Mon Apr 26 2021

Company Name: American Freight Management Company, LLC
Location: Delaware
Country of Origin: U.S.
Industry Sector: Other
Company Profile: American Freight, a subsidiary of Franchise Group Inc. (NASDAQ: FRG) has been helping customers save money on quality furniture and mattresses since 1994. In 2020, American Freight combined with Sears Outlet, a leading national discount retailer of home appliances, and FFO Home, a regional retailer of furniture and mattresses, to create a new American Freight Company. The enhanced American Freight leverages the strong legacies of the founding organizations to deliver consumers a one-stop-shop for quality furniture, mattresses, and appliances at everyday low prices in over 350 locations, and now in 40 states and Puerto Rico.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs Committed: 37
  • Jobs Retained: 69
  • Types of jobs: Executive, marketing, accounting, legal, operations, IT, and human resources positions.

Company Need:
American Freight is a long-standing Ohio-based company, headquartered in Central Ohio for the past 10 years. In 2020, after merging with Sears Outlet, the company needs to expand help meet the needs of the newly merged, growing company.

American Freight sought to consolidate its headquarters to a single location providing local and telecommuting capabilities in support of future workplace strategies.

“After the growth our company experienced in 2020, we’re keen to consolidate our headquarters in a single location within the Columbus Region. This expansion will allow us to bring all parts of American Freight under one roof while bolstering our Columbus Region workforce, so we can continue this momentum into the future”
Will Powell,
president and CEO, American Freight

Why Ohio? 

American Freight will establish a location in Central Ohio increase its local workforce by over 50%.

As the state with the seventh largest population, Ohio has a large and industrious workforce. Ohio is ranked No. 8 in competitive labor environment and in leading workforce development programs. The Columbus Region is home to some of the world’s most recognizable retail brands, ranking No. 4 among large U.S. metros for concentration of retail headquarters.

American Freight now has over 350 stores in 40 states and had approximately $1 billion in revenue in fiscal 2020.

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JobsOhio, One Columbus, the city of Delaware, and the Ohio Development Services Agency.