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AT&F Advanced Metals Invests $3 Million to Expand in Ohio

World-class metal fabricator prepares for demand increase resulting from regulations change

Fri Jun 14 2019

Company Name: AT&F Advanced Metals LLC
Location: Orrville
Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Company Profile: AT&F has built an outstanding corporate reputation for quality and innovation by providing custom and high-volume steel fabrication to industries throughout the world. The company is committed to customer success via specialized facilities and locations, and nonpareil quality systems. AT&F is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer with 800,000 square feet of manufacturing space at locations around the globe.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion

Number of Jobs: 

  • Jobs committed: 25
  • Jobs retained: 39
  • Types of jobs: Welders, Assemblers

Capital Investment: $3 million

Timetable: June 2019

Company Need:

Recently, AT&F started to fabricate air scrubbers for marine vessels, including cruise liners. Global demand for this equipment has skyrocketed due to a change in worldwide environmental regulations placing lower emissions requirements on ships. As a result, the market for AT&F’s products is expected to experience explosive growth over the next decade.

The company needs to expand to meet immediate and future orders from customers.

Why Ohio?

AT&F is investing $3 million to add 40,000 square feet to its existing 50,000-square-foot location in Orrville and committing to 25 new jobs.

The facility in Wayne County has manufacturing capabilities that its alternative locations do not, particularly in the area of skilled labor. Assembly of these scrubbing units requires high-level welding expertise, and the company has been successful in finding proficient candidates in Wayne County, which is home to an existing exotic metals cluster.

“This part of Northeast Ohio is home to a number of companies who serve the chemical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries with specialty alloy fabricated systems and components. Couple this skill base with a prevailing agrarian work ethic, and you have a powerful combination.”
Michael Ripich,
president and CEO, AT&F Advanced Metals


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