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Benestar Brands Announces Expansion in Scioto County, Ohio

New facility will add 40 jobs to the region

Mon Jul 25 2022

Company Name: Benestar Brands

Location: Minford

Site Region: Southeast

Industry Sector: Food Sciences and Agriculture

Company Profile: Benestar Brands is a manufacturer of snack foods. The Ohio operation focuses on manufacturing of pork rinds. Clients include convenience stores, big box chains, and other retailers.

Benestar chips

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New Location


  • Jobs committed: 40
  • Jobs retained: 126

Capital Investment: $2,500,000

Timetable: Benestar Brands is projecting to bring the 40 new jobs to Scioto County by 2025.

Company Need:

The company is adding tortilla chip production to its offering, which required a new location to support capacity need from demand growth.


“We’re excited to expand our existing operations in Scioto County and be partnering with the Southern Ohio Port Authority and Scioto County Commissioners on expanding our physical footprint. The region has proven to be a good business partner; receiving additional support from our partnership with OhioSE and JobsOhio. We see this as an opportunity to leverage the favorable logistics to both the Northeast and Southeast regions and leverage a local team with expertise in food production.”

- Bruce Myers, President of Benestar Brands

Why Ohio?

Food and agribusiness is one of the largest industries in Ohio, boasting hundreds of companies that cultivate, process, package, distribute and market food and drinks enjoyed by consumers around the world. The proximity to and relationships with industry and academic partners result in faster, more affordable access to every part of the value chain.

Benestar Brands currently employs 129 hard-working Ohioans at its manufacturing facility in Southeast Ohio. The company is expanding because of its relationship with the OhioSE region, Ohio's favorable location for distribution, and the hard-working and skilled talent in Ohio.


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