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Burtch Works Announces Expansion into Cincinnati Market

Adding 43 new jobs and $4.7 in payroll

Tue Jul 26 2022

Company Name: Burtch Works, a division of Rev4 LLC

Location: Cincinnati

Site Region: Southwest

Industry Sector: Other

Company Profile: Burtch Works is the national leader in Data Analytics Talent Solutions, specializing in data science, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data engineering, business intelligence, predictive analytics, product development, quantitative business analytics, operations research, web analytics, credit/risk analytics, marketing research, cloud platform technologies and many more.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New Location


  • Jobs committed: 43
  • Jobs retained: 0
  • Types of jobs: Corporate positions including executive sales, account managers, and corporate support.

Capital Investment: $0

Timetable: Burtch Works is expected to hire 43 new people by the end of 2024.

Company Need:

Rev4 is seeing growth nationwide with current and existing customers.  Expansion is needed to keep up with client demand.


“Burtch Works expansion into the Cincinnati market is in response to the access to incredible talent and reputable higher education institutions across the region.  We are thrilled to create more opportunity for others to accomplish their professional, personal, and financial goals while contributing to the growth and development of the Data Analytics community locally and nationally,” said Palmer Karsh, Burtch Works Director of Market Operations.

Why Ohio?

Burtch Works’ expansion into the Cincinnati market is in response to the innovation and technical advancement that is forecasted in the area and neighboring cities.


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