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Envases Adding 65 Jobs in Fremont

Mon Dec 06 2021

Company Name: Envases Ohio, LLC
Location: Fremont
Country of Origin:

  • Country: Mexico
  • Region: North America

Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Company Profile: Envases Ohio manufactures containers for roofing materials, painting companies, and the construction business. They provide a variety of quality packaging solutions to a wide variety of customers; including Rustoleum and Tremco.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 65
  • Jobs retained: 109

Capital Investment: $16,642,000

Company Need:

Envases is in a period of significant growth in their industry. Their growth has created the need for more employees, and they must be able to train and retain in order to realize their potential and opportunity with new product lines and production capacity.

“Demand has created an opportunity for Envases to add new production lines to support the US Market. We are training and developing our team to support long term sustainable growth with visions to double our plant size and output in the coming years.”
Amy Reinmeyer
Human Resources Director of Envases

Why Ohio?

Access to talent attraction, retention, reskilling, and upskilling through collaborative partnerships available in Ohio will enable Envases to meet customers increased demand and expand its offerings to shore up supply chain shortages.

Ohio is home to a large and dynamic talent pool. The state ranks in the top 10 U.S. states for competitive labor environment and leading workforce development programs.


JobsOhio, Regional Growth Partnership (RGP), Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation

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