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Facebook Chooses Ohio for Its Newest Data Center

Tue Aug 15 2017

Ohio is a state with a rich heritage of innovation. More and more, Ohio is proving that it is a hub for big data and cloud computing. Businesses that operate in Ohio have access to a growing tech talent pool driven by growth from millennial talent. Ohio’s most recent advancement in the world of tech is an investment in the state by one of the world’s most influential technology companies: Facebook.

“I am pleased that Facebook has selected Ohio for its newest data center and grateful to our JobsOhio economic development team and its partners for helping to make this happen,” said Governor John R. Kasich. The company is expanding in New Albany, Ohio, creating at least 50 full-time positions and generating over $4 million in new annual payroll.

Facebook’s data centers house the infrastructure — or giant machines — that make it possible to connect billions of people. Their data centers accommodate the growing number of photos and videos being shared, and ensure people’s memories are always available.

Ohio’s competitive business climate was a factor in Facebook’s decision to choose Ohio over the competition. “We're thrilled to have found a home in Ohio and to embark on this exciting partnership,” said Erin Egan, Facebook’s VP of US Public Policy. “Everything here has been as advertised — from a committed set of community partners and strong pool of talent to the opportunity to power our facility with 100 percent renewable energy. The Buckeye State is a great place to do business.”

JobsOhio, Ohio’s economic development organization, was critical in Facebook’s investment. “Along with the City of New Albany and Columbus 2020, we welcome Facebook to Ohio,” said JobsOhio’s President and Chief Investment Officer, John Minor. “The attraction of Facebook brings another high-performing technology company to this state and strengthens the IT sector, talent and innovation in Ohio.”

This year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued a report on data centers and the opportunities created by these facilities. During construction of a data center of similar size, up to 1,688 workers will be employed, providing an estimated $77.7 million in wages and producing $243.5 million in output along the local economy’s supply chain. Annually thereafter, the same study estimates an injection of $32.5 million into the local economy upon completion of construction.

This same study also found that the presence of data centers impacts residents in other ways. Roads, powerlines and water are among the infrastructure benefits. The boost to state and local economies also attracts other potential business partners. Facebook’s selection of New Albany is not only good for the company, it is also good for the community.

Governor Kasich believes Facebook’s data center is a sign of a big shift for Ohio. “This is a $750 million investment in technologies and jobs of the future that will further diversify our state’s economy and, with other leading-edge innovators locating here, help put Ohio front and center in the Knowledge Belt of the 21st century.”

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