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Forsee Power Chooses Columbus Region for New Battery Manufacturing

French Battery Systems Manufacturer Forsee Power, Inc will place its North American Headquarters in Hilliard, OH, creating 150 new jobs

Mon Jun 27 2022

Company Name: Forsee Power Inc.

Location: Hilliard

Site Region: Central

Country of Origin:

  • Country: France
  • Region: Europe

Industry Sector: Automotive

Company Profile: Forsee Power develops smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility and proposes the most comprehensive offer for the electromobility markets.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New Location


  • Jobs committed: 150
  • Jobs retained: 0

Capital Investment: $13,238,000

Timetable: Forsee Power aims to achieve a production capacity of 3 GWh by 2027, which it estimates would involve first-phase investments of more than EUR 13 million and recruiting a local team of 150 employees.

Company Need:

Forsee Power is an expert in smart battery systems for sustainable electromobility. The company equips heavy vehicles, such as school buses, trains, vessels, and off-highway vehicles – as well as light vehicles. Forsee Power is establishing its North America HQ, production facility, and R&D operations in Ohio to address the North American market.

The Group is the leader in Europe on the ebus market, having equipped more than 1,200 buses, and is a key player in the light vehicle market segment with over 100,000 vehicles equipped.


“We found Columbus to have the right ecosystem of potential supply chain partners, academic partners, and the right fit for a workforce as we are looking at hiring production operators, R&D engineers and a full leadership team to run our North American activity.”
Christophe Gurtner
Chairman & CEO / Forsee Power

Why Ohio?

Ohio’s vast history in the automotive industry and automotive supply chain, as well as its overall proximity to resources, manufacturers, and end markets, are two key factors making the state an ideal location for lithium battery manufacturers. The state’s commitment to innovation makes it a natural fit for the emerging electric vehicle supply chain and electric vehicle manufacturing opportunities. Ohio’s commitment to clean manufacturing with renewable energy and solar energy also makes it a prime choice for lithium-ion battery manufacturing.


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