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General Mills Announces Investment of $100 Million in Wellston Facility

Expanding and Adding Jobs to Totino’s Facility

Mon Aug 29 2022

Company Name: General Mills Operations, LLC

Location: Wellston

Site Region: Southeast

Industry Sector: Food Sciences and Agriculture

Company Profile: General Mills has 52 locations worldwide, including 16 locations in the U.S. The Wellston plant is the sole source of pizza rolls and Totino's pizzas.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 30
  • Jobs retained: 974
  • Types of jobs: New jobs include production workers, maintenance mechanics, and warehousing staff.

Capital Investment: $100,000,000

Timetable: General Mills plans to hire for new positions in 2023.

Company Need:

To meet increased consumer demand for hot snacks, General Mills investing in additional capacity at its Wellston facility.  The investment will include modifications for longer run times, extruder expansion, and replacement of existing fryers.

Testimonial: “General Mills has been a cornerstone of this community for more than 35 years and our employees exude a lot of pride in making food the world loves,” said Stephanie Weaver, plant manager at General Mills’ Wellston facility. “We’re excited to grow our business and employee base in southeastern Ohio and having strong local, regional and state partners has been instrumental in our success.”  

Why Ohio?

The Ohio workforce is educated, committed, skilled, and productive. General Mills experiences this with it’s 974 current employees and will continue to see it as they hire an additional 30 new people.

Plus, Southeast Ohio’s connectivity makes it efficient to source raw materials and ship finished products nationwide with reliable rail service and convenient Interstate highway access. 


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