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Green Fox Plastics Announces $7.2M Investment in Ohio

JobsOhio Inclusion Grant to support new facility, machinery, and equipment

Mon Nov 07 2022

Company Name: Green Fox Plastics, LLC

Location: Millersburg

Site Region: Southeast

Country of Origin:

  • Country: United States
  • Region: OhioSE

Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing

Company Profile: Established in 2020, Green Fox Plastics is an Ohio-based, family-owned company created to provide furniture-grade poly lumber board to Little Cottage Company for manufacturing its outdoor poly furniture and other products. In 2021 the company began selling to other companies with sales across and beyond the state of Ohio.

Company Website:

Green Fox Plastics - chairs on the porch with champaign

Project Summary:

Type of Project: New Location


  • Jobs committed: 12
  • Jobs retained: 11

Capital Investment: $6,298,429

Company Need:

Green Fox Plastics has quickly grown since 2020, and demand for the poly furniture the company produces has increased. A new production facility will allow Green Fox plastics to meet consumer needs and the increased demand.


“Green Fox Plastics is thankful for the support JobsOhio has provided to help us get the project moving forward,” said Dan Schlabach, owner of Green Fox Plastics. “We look forward to providing great jobs and opportunities for the community.”

Why Ohio?

Green Fox Plastics, part of the Little Cottage Company, is an Ohio-based, family-owned business with a strong customer base in Ohio and adjoining states. In addition to proximity to customers, Ohio has the resources, infrastructure, and talent Green Fox Plastics needs to build a facility that allows for continued growth and expansion.


JobsOhio, Ohio Southeast, Holmes County Economic Development Council