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Interlink Cloud Advisors Set to Significantly Expand

Pandemic-driven digital transformation demand prompts growth

Mon Feb 22 2021

Company Name: Interlink Cloud Advisors, Inc.
Location: Deerfield Township
Industry Sector: Technology
Company Profile: With headquarters in Cincinnati and a strong presence in the greater Ohio region, Kentucky, Michigan, and Tennessee, Interlink Cloud Advisors focuses on providing exceptional support and solutions around Microsoft-based technologies.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed:16
  • Jobs retained:21

Company Need:
With the increased demand for organizations to collaborate and be productive in a COVID-19 remote working world, Interlink has experienced 44% year-over-year growth. This includes better data security, enabling their users to be productive from anywhere and assistance navigating Microsoft’s licensing programs.

Interlink needs to grow to support the demand.

“The Interlink team is really our advantage in the marketplace. They are wicked smart and care about the success of our clients and each other. The savings from this tax credit will be 100% reinvested into our recruiting efforts to continue to find and develop the best talent possible. We think Ohio is a great market for our services.”
Matt Scherocman.
co-founder and president, Interlink Cloud Advisors

Why Ohio?
Interlink Cloud Advisors will grow in the Southwest Ohio region. The company has seen a lot of success with Ohio’s tech talent and wants to continue to connect to the state’s pipeline of industry professionals.

Businesses that operate in Ohio can tap into a deep talent pool that delivers quality, diversity, and more affordability. Ohio has over 295k professionals in its tech workforce. Three Ohio cities, including Cincinnati, are among the top ten tech markets.

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