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JobsOhio Attracts Projects That Overdeliver

Sometimes companies that invest in Ohio create more jobs and invest more capital that initially committed

Thu Apr 04 2019

JobsOhio reviews all potential projects with a consideration for return on investment and breakeven as it takes calculated risks in providing funding. This year's results demonstrate that the projects with a metric evaluation date in 2017 are overdelivering in terms of new jobs created, payroll, capital investment and employees trained.

The chart below highlights projects that had a metric evaluation date of 2017. These projects successfully fulfilled their commitments and were reflected as a JobsOhio win in 2013 or 2014 and received funding from JobsOhio or a combination of funding from JobsOhio and the state of Ohio. Projects that receive state funding only, or are a win without funding, are not reflected in the metric evaluation review.

JobsOhio takes the stewardship of its dollars very seriously because they go to supporting jobs and investment to Ohioans. When a company falls short of its commitments, JobsOhio works with the company to understand how the project changed before determining if all or a portion of the incentives should be repaid to JobsOhio. If the company also received support from the State of Ohio, remediation efforts are coordinated with the Development Services Agency.

JobsOhio and its partners aim to invest in projects that bring about benefits to Ohio and Ohioans. When projects overdeliver, it is a testament to Ohio’s assets, the strength of Ohio’s collaborative economic development network and the potential that companies see for growth when they invest in Ohio.

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