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JobsOhio Releases 2019 Wages and 2018 IRS Form 990

JobsOhio is publishing the 2019 wage data for its associates

Fri Feb 28 2020

JobsOhio remains committed to its renewed focus to be open, transparent and accountable. To that effort, in May of 2019, JobsOhio released the 2019 salary of J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and chief investment officer as well as the compensation of the organization’s top executives. This information was released a year before it was required by statute. Today, JobsOhio is publishing the 2019 wage data for its associates, including the names and titles of its highest-paid executives. This information is being made available months earlier than the statute requires, in an effort to continue to earn the trust of partners and Ohioans across the state.

JobsOhio Wage Data

In order to drive new and expanding initiatives identified as part of JobsOhio 2.0 strategies addressing in-demand talent and workforce, site development, innovation, and inclusive economic development which impacts all parts of Ohio, JobsOhio has increased its number of associates from 90 to 102, a 13 % increase and wages increasing by a corresponding 13% over 2018. (Wages, total compensation paid to an employee, reported are from Box 18 of W-2)

JobsOhio associates’ wages are established in alignment with a thorough, market based compensation study completed by an independent consulting firm under direction of the JobsOhio Board of Directors. The independent, third party takes into account the work required to execute the mission of JobsOhio and advises on salary bands in accordance with the work completed in each position across the organization.

As a private nonprofit organization, JobsOhio files tax form 990 with the IRS each year. The 2018 IRS Form 990 is posted on JobsOhio’s website. The 990 reports total compensation in 2018, which includes wages and employee’s contributions to benefits. JobsOhio offers the following associate benefits to all fulltime associates:  401K match, medical premiums, vision, dental, and life insurance premiums, and short and long-term disability premiums. The benefits for JobsOhio associates are of similar value as other nonprofit organizations. JobsOhio makes the Form 990 available on its website, which is also exceeds statutory requirement.

Last NameFirst Name Title2019 Local Wages
ClouseKristinaExecutive Director of Operations$277,704.50
CybulskiMatthewDirector, Energy and Chemical$177,659.83
DeyeAndrewManaging Director$270,615.79
FaustBrianChief Financial Officer$118,222.79
Giangola*KevinChief Financial Officer$121,861.68
GriffithTheodoreManaging Director$291,825.48
GrubbsDonellGeneral Counsel$253,792.64
Hay*CherylDirector of  Project Talent Acquisition$184,693.29
IsakinaValentinaManaging Director$271,427.83
Minor, Jr.*JohnPresident and Chief Investment Officer$420,345.73
NauseefJPPresident and Chief Investment Officer$274,402.67
NeedhamJosephDirector, Food and Agribusiness$172,472.57
PittsAaronSenior Managing Director$357,477.70
RichardsonGlennManaging Director$295,824.89
Saucier, Jr.DanaVP and Head of Economic Development$434,117.68
ScottRenaeMarketing and Communications Director$199,702.71
SweeneyTimothyDirector, Advanced Manufacturing/Aerospace & Aviation$175,354.50
TannerKristiSenior Managing Director$359,763.03
*No longer employed at JobsOhio 

“The JobsOhio Board of Directors recommends the salaries for JobsOhio associates,” said Retired Air Force General Lester L. Lyles, the JobsOhio Board’s compensation committee chair. “Compensation industry standards and guidelines ensure JobsOhio associates are compensated relative to their peer groups.”

JobsOhio values its associates and believes that competitive wages and benefits are essential in recruiting, retaining and rewarding the associates needed to fulfill its mission. JobsOhio is a performance-driven culture and associates are compensated on the basis of their individual effectiveness and ability to deliver on established goals. The organization complies with all federal and state laws and regulations as it relates to employee compensation and ensures total compensation is within budgetary constraints and approved by the board of directors.

2019 Wages Chart


TitleTotal Compensation Paid*
Director of Human Resources$164,149.03
Distribution Center Operations Manager$105,449.43
Director, Advanced Manufacturing$142,470.31
Office Administrative Assistant$23,068.00
Project Coordinator$50,865.48
Digital Marketing Manager$75,977.82
Project Coordinator, Cleveland$49,829.13
Marketing Manager, Events$18,826.94
Account Manager, Client Talent Delivery$20,800.71
Director, Automotive$162,573.38
Research Analyst$60,834.07
Senior Director$162,633.28
Accounting Manager$105,887.98
Senior Project Performance Manager$92,811.03
Brand Campaign Manager, Talent Projects$73,075.25
Project Coordinator$16,124.09
Senior Project Manager$131,771.52
Executive Director of Operations$277,704.50
Project Finance Manager$100,002.55
Executive Assistant$56,352.20
Director, Global Business Development$69,423.67
Director, Energy and Chemical$177,659.83
Director of Government Affairs$9,000.00
Facilities Manager$22,762.42
Senior Project Manager$129,250.25
Managing Director$270,615.79
Senior Accountant$70,168.49
Director, Projects and Finance$171,625.35
Project Coordinator, Client Talent Delivery$28,754.31
Communications Manager$127,421.97
Chief Financial Officer$118,222.79
Chief Financial Officer$121,861.68
Traffic Manager, Talent$64,897.73
Director, Financial Services and FINTECH$142,654.09
Director, Government Affairs$80,455.73
Managing Director$291,825.48
General Counsel$253,792.64
Account Manager, Client Talent Delivery$16,646.56
Senior Manager, European Business Development$85,793.34
Executive Assistant$82,685.77
Project Coordinator$28,615.48
Director of Project Talent Acquisition$184,693.29
Senior Director of Compliance$157,675.07
Office Services Manager$75,063.72
Stakeholder Relations Manager$12,115.41
Account Manager, Client Talent Delivery$91,053.50
Managing Director$271,427.83
Demand Planner$73,880.23
Corporate Transactional Counsel$117,507.58
Human Resources Manager$82,348.79
Director, International Business Development$110,500.68
Commercial Underwriter$64,489.20
Director, Healthcare$161,315.48
Credit Analyst$69,102.33
Project Coordinator$38,000.66
Project Manager$67,046.45
Content Manager$64,459.11
Senior Research Analyst$75,385.24
Project Manager$122,400.20
Business Development Coordinator$66,316.37
Graphic Designer$84,882.73
Manager, Talent Operations$141,077.75
Senior Stakeholder Relations Manager$14,866.66
Senior Research Analyst, Talent$93,415.43
Senior Traffic Manager, Marketing$76,361.22
President and Chief Investment Officer$420,345.73
Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator$27,030.53
Network Manager$85,386.12
Manager, North American Business Development$73,148.39
Senior Advisor$25,000.00
President and Chief Investment Officer$274,402.67
Director, Food and Agribusiness$172,472.57
Executive Assistant$64,812.66
Director, Information Technology & Logistics$158,510.49
Brand Campaign Manager$68,014.30
Events Manager, Marketing$21,294.05
Manager, Strategic Talent Delivery$107,251.33
Manager, Information Systems$124,994.34
Senior Managing Director$357,477.70
Project Performance Manager$71,631.31
Brand Campaign Manager$84,975.21
Brand Campaign Manager, Talent Projects$54,409.54
Project Performance Manager$65,492.99
Managing Director$295,824.89
Senior Project Manager, Revitalization$134,287.40
Distribution Center Operations Coordinator$58,795.05
Director of Portfolio Management$143,454.27
Director, North American Business Development$21,409.24
Project Manager$88,617.01
Research Analyst$47,386.24
Project Manager$86,429.08
Executive Assistant$40,551.32
VP and Head of Economic Development$434,117.68
Brand Campaign Manager$71,708.94
Marketing and Communications Director$199,702.71
Director, Cleveland Region$28,237.71
Managing Director, Economic Development Infrastructure $77,508.93
Senior Location Solutions Manager$134,125.73
Executive Assistant$53,905.65
Director, Advanced Manufacturing/Aerospace & Aviation$175,354.50
Senior Managing Director$359,763.03
Senior Director, JobsOhio Beverage System$147,609.24
Staff Accountant$60,214.33
Talent Acquisition Manager$66,084.01
Senior Research Manager$141,916.59
Project Coordinator$57,338.81
Project Coordinator$40,094.73
Salesforce Administrator$88,291.12
Human Resources Specialist$49,273.20
Senior Project Finance Manager$76,084.25
Government Affairs Manager$87,743.36
Senior Manager, Client Talent Stategies$135,699.25
Senior Research Analyst$74,929.78

*Reflects the total compensation paid during the calendar year to each JobsOhio officer and employee, reported on their 2019 W-2, Box 18. Some employees were employed for only part of the year. Also includes employee's pretax contributions to JobsOhio's 401(k) and health care benefit plans.

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