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Riffle Machine Works’ Multiphase Expansion is Finally Complete

A larger facility with increased road capacity will help the company meet customer demands in a highly competitive market

Wed Mar 25 2020

Company Name: Riffle Machine Works, Inc.
Location: Chillicothe
Industry Sector: Automotive
Company Profile: Founded in 1980, Riffle Machine Works — a provider of machine, fabrication, warehousing and assembly of truck parts for the automotive industry — began with only three employees. However, the company grew significantly in 2001 when they received their first assembly line project from Kenworth. This resulted in a few expansions over the years, from an initial 50,000-square-foot facility to the current 300,000 square feet between 2007 and 2016.

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 25
  • Jobs retained: 273

Capital Investment: $1.6 million

Company Need:

Riffle Machine Works operates in a highly competitive market and needs to be prepared to support its customers with increased capacity.


“When we began to think about what the future might hold for Riffle Machine Works, we turned to Ohio Southeast (OhioSE) and JobsOhio. The assistance they provided made the development and planning seamless and the realization of this expansion project a reality. We appreciate the assistance through each step of the way. It’s nice to know that we have a long-term relationship in OhioSE and JobsOhio.”

- Tim Riffle, president, Riffle Machine Works

Why Ohio?

In October, Riffle Machine Works began moving forward with a $1.6 million expansion that would create 25 jobs and add 47,000 square feet to its existing facility.

Ohio has been a manufacturing powerhouse for generations, leading to the rise of a large, comprehensive industry that features new and traditional manufacturing methods. Combined with Ohio’s expansive automotive expertise, the state has been essential to Riffle Machine Works’ growth and ability to successfully increase capacity.

JobsOhio and OhioSE worked together to support the company with a JobsOhio Economic Development Grant. The growth spurred traffic delays and congestion at the site’s entrance, but a 629 Roadwork Grant to Ross County helped alleviate the issues, pushing forward the company’s expansion.


Ohio Southeast, JobsOhio and the Ohio Development Services Agency

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