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SugarCreek Expands in Ohio For Second Time in Two Years

Midwest-based food manufacturer, is establishing a new production facility in the city of Sharonville.

Mon May 24 2021

Company Name: SugarCreek
Location: Sharonville
Country of Origin: U.S.

Industry Sector: Food Sciences and Agriculture
Company Profile: SugarCreek is an innovative, diversified and flexible food manufacturer helping some of the industry’s largest and best-known companies develop Brandworthy Food Solutions. SugarCreek employs over 2,600 people in six manufacturing facilities and serves clients across the U.S. and internationally.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 235
  • Jobs retained: 506
  • Types of jobs: Includes production associates, maintenance technicians, and administrative staff.

Capital Investment: $10,000,000

Timetable: The company expects to begin hiring in the second quarter of 2022 before completing renovations of the building within that year.

Company Need:

SugarCreek wanted to grow its line of bacon-related products and meet the growing demands for its diverse food products.

“We are thrilled to continue our growth in the great state of Ohio and proud to now open our seventh facility overall and fourth in Ohio. We are grateful to partner with both JobsOhio and REDI Cincinnati on this project and look forward to our continued growth in the region.”
Jennifer Richardson Hutcheson
Chief Relationship Officer, SugarCreek

Why Ohio?

SugarCreek chose to expand in Ohio’s Cincinnati region. This expansion is the second time in only two years that SugarCreek has expanded in the region.

Ohio has a wide range of food industry resources to support growing food and agribusiness companies. Ohio’s food value chain, coupled with a versatile

infrastructure, abundant fresh water, low-cost natural gas and a competitive business climate, give companies the ability to obtain raw materials, produce goods and deliver products to market with greater efficiency. Plus, with a wealth of R&D partners in Ohio, the best products will keep improving.


JobsOhio, REDI Cincinnati, the city of Cincinnati, and the Ohio Development Services Agency

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