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World’s Largest Private Jet Company NetJets Expands Global HQ in Ohio

Company contributes its 60 years of leadership to Ohio’s workforce and supportive environment

Mon Oct 04 2021

Company Name: NetJets, Inc.
Location: Columbus
Industry Sector: Aerospace and Aviation
Company Profile: Founded in 1964, NetJets is the worldwide leader in private aviation. The company offers fractional aircraft ownership, private jet leases and private jet card programs by selling fractions of specific aircrafts, chosen from several available types at the time of purchase. Owners then have between 50 and 400 hours of guaranteed access annually to that aircraft, depending on their share size.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

Type of Project: Expansion


  • Jobs committed: 154
  • Jobs retained: 1516
  • Types of jobs: Positions include safety, service, IT, maintenance, and operations, along with sales and support functions.

Company Need:

Given the decline in commercial passenger activity during the pandemic, NetJets has continued to scale up by offering a safe, more socially distanced way to fly, with a suite of solutions. NetJets needed to update its headquarters operations. Among its needs were a cost-effective location to support long-term growth and talent retention and recruitment opportunities.

“Columbus has always been our operational headquarters, and we are very proud of our incredible Central Ohio workforce. Their selfless and relentless focus on safety and service has allowed NetJets to remain the industry leader for nearly 60 years. Today, NetJets flies to over 2,0”
Adam Johnson
Chairman and CEO, NetJets

Why Ohio?

NetJets will consolidate activities and expand headquarters-related functions in Columbus. Although the company looked at options outside of Ohio, the success of its existing headquarters and culture sold the company on continuing to grow in Central Ohio.

Ohio has a skilled and continuously expanding workforce — currently at nearly 38,000 — prepared for in-demand careers. Ohio ranks No. 10 in competitive labor environment and No. 8 in leading workforce development programs. Companies can find the talent they need through JobsOhio’s numerous talent solutions programs including the JobsOhio Talent Acquisition Services program and Ohio to Work.

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JobsOhio, One Columbus, and the Ohio Department of Development

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