Ohio continues to be recognized as a premier location for economic development in the U.S. Strong, statewide partnerships facilitate capital investment and job growth through leveraging Ohio's advantages. Read the latest news about these collaborative efforts throughout Ohio.

DuPont Investing in $200 million Expansion, Creating 46 Jobs

DuPont is expanding its plant in Circleville, investing in its Kapton® film production capabilities
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To keep up with demand, DuPont is investing $200 million and expanding a critical plant in Circleville, Ohio, that manufacturers Kapton® film, which is used in consumer electronics and imaging. The expansion adds to a facility that has been in operation for more than 60 years and currently employs 500 staff members.

Tyler Technologies Creates 200+ Tech Jobs, Expands Headquarters in Moraine, Ohio

Site will serve as national hub for Tyler’s appraisal and tax services
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Tyler Technologies has been recognized by Forbes as an innovative and fast-growing company. Tyler is at capacity at its headquarters in Moraine, Ohio. By expanding in Moraine, Tyler will create over 200 technology-related jobs and turn the facility into its national hub for its appraisal and tax operations.

Ohio Dominates Site Selection’s 2018 Governor’s Cup Rankings for Fifth Consecutive Year

Top Metropolitans and Micropolitans Responsible for Ohio’s Success
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Site Selection’s 2018 Governor’s Cup ranked Ohio No. 2 overall for total projects and No. 3 in projects per capita, making Ohio the only state, for the second consecutive year, to place in the top three of both categories.

Upstart Strategically Opens New R&D Center in Ohio

The Columbus location will be the first outside of California for this Silicon Valley innovator
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A previous Google employee founded Upstart in Silicon Valley. With success in California and a potential for machine learning to significantly impact credit and banking, Upstart needed to take its next step outside of the state. For the CEO, there was no better place for this expansion than the capital of Ohio.

Gap Will Add 600 Jobs and Almost Double Its Output in Central Ohio

Spikes in online sales drive Gap to expand, install state-of-the-art equipment
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E-commerce across the U.S. is expected to grow, and Gap is already seeing the rise in online sales. The company needed to increase output and add state-of-the-art equipment at its Ohio distribution center to keep up with projections. An investment in central Ohio, with its access to workforce, proximity to markets and comprehensive shipping network, will almost double the company’s daily output.

Healthcare AI Provider Olive is Expanding, Creating 100 High-Tech Jobs in Ohio

Venture capital funding helps Olive re-invest in Ohio to best position it for the future
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After receiving over $32 million in venture capital support, Olive had to prepare for considerable projected growth. Olive needed more space as well as high-tech talent to accommodate a strong demand for its product across the healthcare industry.