Ohio continues to be recognized as a premier location for economic development in the U.S. Strong, statewide partnerships facilitate capital investment and job growth through leveraging Ohio's advantages. Read the latest news about these collaborative efforts throughout Ohio.

VARGO® Expands Collaborative, Tech Savy Operations in Ohio

Ohio’s strong history of innovation around technology and logistics are key to the company’s ongoing growth
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VARGO®, a leading provider of material handling systems integration, warehouse execution software, and equipment solutions for fulfillment and distribution centers, plans to expand its operations in the Columbus Region, investing approximately $4 million and creating 24 new jobs.

APackaging Group Builds New Injection Molding Manufacturing Plant in Ohio

The company chooses to expand in Ohio for a rural community with a strong labor force and community to support growth
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APackaging Group (APG), an international leader in the development, manufacturing, and packaging of cosmetics and beauty products, has announced plans to expand operations in Northwest Ohio. The California-based company is expected to hire 135 people to produce up to 500 million plastic dispensing pumps for the health and beauty industries.

Park Place Technologies Expands Ohio Headquarters

A tech-savvy workforce, fueled by partnerships forged with universities in the region, drove the decision to expand in Ohio
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Park Place Technologies has significantly increased its domestic and international operations through acquisitions and organic growth. The company, global IT infrastructure services and solutions provider, plans to expand its workforce in Mayfield Heights, adding 150 jobs to its existing local workforce of 467.

World’s Largest Private Jet Company NetJets Expands Global HQ in Ohio

Company contributes its 60 years of leadership to Ohio’s workforce and supportive environment
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NetJets, the world’s first and largest private jet company, flies to over 2,000 airports with operations in more than 150 countries. Given the decline in commercial passenger activity during the pandemic, NetJets has continued to scale up by offering a safe, more socially distanced way to fly. NetJets will improve its client services by consolidating operations and expanding its global headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Gabriel Brothers Plans New Distribution Facility in Ohio

Gabe’s establishes its largest distribution center at PrimeOhio II Industrial Park, a SiteOhio Authenticated location
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Gabriel Brother’s Inc, or Gabe’s, sought to increase its distribution operations. Gabe’s will establish a new distribution center in western Ohio to receive, process, and ship millions of units of merchandise.

Ridge Corporation Expands in Ohio to Support Sales Growth

Ridge Corporation is doubling size of its facility and nearly doubling the size of its workforce in Southeast Ohio
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Ridge Corporation is investing at least $11 million to expand its production facility in Muskingum County support the development of advanced automotive composites that are recyclable, high-performing, and in-demand from its growing customer base nationwide.