Ardagh Metal Beverage USA Inc. Plans to Locate Facility in Huron

Company invests in Ohio to increase production for its eco-friendly products as more consumers drink more beverages at home amid pandemic
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Company Name: Ardagh Metal Beverage USA Inc.
Location: Huron
Industry Sector: Advanced manufacturing
Company Profile: Ardagh Group is a global supplier of infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging for the world’s leading brands. Ardagh operates 56 metal and glass production facilities in 12 countries, employing more than 16,000 people with sales of $7 billion.
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Project Summary:

  • Type of Project: New location
  • Jobs Committed: 211
  • Capital Investment: $411 million

Company Need:

Ardagh Metal Beverage USA Inc. experienced a growing demand for its eco-friendly product. While demand for this eco-friendly product was on the rise pre-pandemic, the need accelerated as consumers began drinking more canned beverages from home.  The company needs to increase capacity for its aluminum can production.


“This project forms part of Ardagh’s Group’s global $2.1 billion 2021-2024 business growth investment program and is being undertaken to meet fast-growing demand as consumers increasingly recognize the environmental and quality advantages of beverage cans. Our products deliver high recycle and content rates, which support customer sustainability targets and contribute to a circular economy. This latest expansion is indicative of Ardagh’s consistent commitment to supporting customer growth.”
– Claude Marbach, CEO, Ardagh Metal – Beverage North America.


Why Ohio?

Ardagh Metal Beverage plans to build out the former IAC building in Huron, adding an additional 200,000 square feet.

Ohio is No. 1 in glass, plastics and rubber manufacturing in the U.S. From additive manufacturing opening doors to developing more complex components, to advanced materials that are enabling light weighting breakthroughs, Ohio’s companies and R&D partners collaborate to bring about groundbreaking advancements.

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