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Company Name: Edge Plastics, Inc.
Location: Mansfield
Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Company Profile: Edge Plastics Inc., a certified woman-owned business, makes premium-quality plastic manufacturing services for a wide range of consumer, commercial, and industrial products companies.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

  • Type of Project: Expansion
  • Jobs:
    • Jobs committed: 67
    • Jobs retained: 85
  • Capital Investment: $13,121,392

Company Need:

Edge Plastics seeks to expand as it continues to reinvest in its product offering. The company needs to increase manufacturing capacity by investing in machinery and equipment. 


“Edge Plastics Inc. began manufacturing as D&M Plastics in 1975. The company was started by my parents, Marilyn and David Eckstein and I purchased the company from them in 2005. Our whole team is so excited to continue our growth in Mansfield and to be contributing to the economic viability of the region. It’s wonderful to see our economic partners work with companies like ours to create jobs and expand our businesses locally and throughout Ohio.”
– Shelley Fisher, president of Edge Plastics.


Why Ohio?

Edge Plastics will add almost 35,000 square feet to its manufacturing facility in Mansfield and 25,000 square feet to its nearby distribution center. The company cited Northeast Ohio’s proximity to markets and available talent for the choice to expand in the region.

Ohio has the No. 3 largest manufacturing workforce in the U.S. Ohio is also a one-day drive from more than 60% of the U.S. and Canada populations, meaning a large volume of current and future customers and suppliers are easily accessible.

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JobsOhio, Team NEO, the city of Mansfield, the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development, and the Ohio Development Services Agency