Healthcare AI Provider Olive is Expanding, Creating 100 High-Tech Jobs in Ohio

Venture capital funding helps Olive re-invest in Ohio to best position it for the future
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Company Name: Olive
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Industry Sector: Technology
Company Profile: Based in Columbus, Olive is a healthcare-specific artificial intelligence (AI) and process automation company that provides solutions to healthcare organizations across the U.S., including rural hospitals, top clinical laboratories and the nation’s leading healthcare management systems.
Company Website:

Project Summary:

  • Type of Project: Expansion
  • Number of Jobs:
    • Jobs committed: 100
    • Jobs retained: 75
    • Types of jobs: Software and automation engineers, product managers, account executives, technical management, marketing, sales and support positions.

Company Need:

In mid-2018, Olive secured $32.8 million in venture capital to advance its AI product and help scale new product offerings. Additionally, there is a strong demand for Olive’s AI product across the healthcare industry. Both the funding and demand give Olive a major boost, and it anticipates that its sales will more than double within the next 12 months. Olive needs to hire skilled software and robotic process automation engineers and other staff to take the product to the next level. Olive weighed its options to determine which market could best position it for its future.

Why Ohio?

Olive chose to expand within the Columbus Region. The region is home to a robust healthcare innovation ecosystem, with over 45,000 employees working in the industry. Olive will have access to a competitive pool of healthcare technology talent, thanks to the more than 50 colleges and universities in the region. The region’s large pool of technology talent, combined with its well-established healthcare sector, make it a hotbed for companies like Olive. Through the expansion, Olive will more than double its current workforce of 75 employees.


“In Ohio, Olive is applying deep artificial intelligence technologies to improve the accuracy, speed and compliance of healthcare operations. The Columbus Region has an exceptional combination of young tech talent and a strong healthcare presence in place for Olive to grow its operations and create 100 new IT jobs here.”

– Ted Griffith, managing director of technology, JobsOhio


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