Nexus Engineering Group Expands in Multiple Ohio Locations

Expansion will include its headquarters in the city of Cleveland as well as engineering operations in Maumee, Ohio
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Company Name: Nexus Engineering Group LLC
Location: Cleveland
Industry Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Company Profile: Nexus Engineering Group LLC, headquartered in Cleveland, and with offices in Maumee, Ohio and Houston, Texas, is a full-service, independent engineering firm focused on supporting clients’ specific project goals from concept to startup. Since 2005, clients have recognized Nexus as an engineering firm of choice in the refining, petroleum midstream, chemical, manufacturing and energy industries.
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Project Summary:

  • Type of Project: Expansion
  • Jobs:
    • Jobs committed: 65
    • Jobs retained: 125
  • Capital Investment: $1,250,000


Company Need:

By forging strong client relationships and delivering exceptional service, Nexus has achieved consistent growth since its founding in 2005. The company is seeking to expand its headquarters and engineering operations to keep up with demand.


“It’s important to us that we give back to our community. And we do that in part by attracting and retaining engineering talent in Ohio, as well as mentoring and empowering the next generation of leaders in our industry.”
-Marianne Corrao, co-founder and executive vice president, Nexus Engineering Group


“The opportunity to invest further in Ohio and add to an already outstanding bench of engineering and project management talent is thrilling. Our team is our most important asset. They are the foundation of what we do, partnering with our clients to help solve business challenges and achieve company goals.”
– Jeff Herzog, co-founder and president, Nexus Engineering Group


Why Ohio?

Nexus plans to expand both its downtown Cleveland headquarters and engineering operations in Maumee, Ohio, cementing the engineering group’s commitment to better serve clients in the region and engage with the Ohio’s diverse talent pool.

More than 300 higher education campuses in Ohio graduate over 170,000 students annually. These Ohio schools and programs produce thousands of well-qualified workers each year, including more than 13,000 engineers and engineer technicians ready to fill positions at all levels. Even better, talent is available at wages 11% less than the national average because of Ohio’s comparatively low cost of living.

Herzog and Corrao grew up in Ohio, both attending college in the Cleveland area. The chance to work closely with city and state officials and reinvest in the communities that raised them is meaningful, as was the opportunity to hire from the exceptional engineering programs at state colleges and universities in the area.

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