Royal Canin U.S.A. Builds New Ohio Pet Food Facility

New manufacturing factory will be on the same property as its Pet Health Nutrition Center R&D operations
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Company Name: Royal Canin North America
Location: Lewisburg
Industry Sector: Food and Agribusiness
Company Profile: Founded in 1968 and purchased by Mars, Inc. in 2001, Royal Canin is a global leader in pet science, health, and nutrition. Royal Canin manufactures and supplies cat and dog food and is committed to science-based research and innovation that provides formulas with individualized nutritional solutions for cats and dogs.
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Project Summary:

  • Type of Project: New Location
  • Capital Investment: $390 Million

Company Need:

Royal Canin North America currently operates its Pet Health Nutrition Center, a global research and development hub for the company, in Lewisburg, Ohio.

Ohio’s food and agribusiness supports four of the top five pet food manufacturers that have facilities in Ohio, including Nestlé Purina. Ohio’s central location and multiple transportation options offer efficient, cost-effective ways to obtain raw materials, produce goods, and deliver pet food to market.

The company sought to establish additional capacity for dry food production. The company needed a strategic location close to its customers as well as proximity to raw material sources. A strong manufacturing support structure and access to talent with high capability were also needed.


“At Royal Canin, everything we do is in service of our purpose: to create a better world for pets. Our investment in the new Ohio manufacturing facility will enable us to meet the ever-growing needs of pets and their owners across North America. As industry leaders in pet health, we have a tremendous responsibility to make a healthier life for pets through our tailored nutrition, in partnership with pet professionals who share our same purpose. We recognize that pets make our life better, and this has been more evident recently with the support pets have provided families throughout the pandemic. Our new site will help ensure we can serve more pet owners and bring our nutrition to more cats and dogs than ever before.”
– Cecile Coutens, president, Royal Canin North America


“We are excited to expand our presence in the Lewisburg area and continue to partner with the state of Ohio to invest in U.S. manufacturing and the local community. This expansion fuels the local economy and allows us to further invest in communities like Lewisburg where we are proud to call home.”
– Roland Hooley, vice president of value chain operations, Royal Canin North America


Why Ohio?
Royal Canin North America will build a new factory in Lewisburg, Ohio on the same property as its Pet Health Nutrition Center to meet increasing demand for its premium pet nutrition.

The Lewisburg, Ohio location will join Royal Canin’s five other manufacturing sites across the United States and Canada and the new factory build is part of a broader growth plan for Royal Canin.

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