Ohio is for leaders in healthcare.

Our healthcare systems are getting worldwide attention.

Our researchers, entrepreneurs, and care providers are coming together to embrace innovation and improve care globally. Thanks to top-ranked medical institutions, collaboration with university-led research and talent, and business growth incentives, Ohio’s healthcare ecosystem leads the world in innovations including gene therapy, cancer research, and cardiac care.

Ohio’s entrepreneurial spirit, talent, and commitment to improving outcomes for all makes it the best state for healthcare leaders. Will you be a part of it?

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Our approach to
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How does healthcare thrive here?
A few things to know:


Ohio has a 0% state tax on corporate income, R&D investments, and goods & products sold out of state.



Ohio’s healthcare industry consists of more than 4,100 bioscience companies and features a growing talent pool of 80,000+ bioscience employees (excluding healthcare providers).



Our healthcare industry is attracting a growing number of bioscience students from Ohio schools, with more than 10,000 graduates in 2017, a 30% increase from 2010.


$2 billion

Ohio bioscience companies attracted over $2 billion in funding in 2019, from sources including venture capital, exits, angel investment, federal research grants, and state initiatives.



We’re home to 14 of the top-ranked hospital systems in the country, including Cleveland Clinic (ranked as the #2 General Hospital), Cincinnati Children’s (#2 Children’s Hospital), and Nationwide Children’s (#7 Children’s Hospital).



We have nearly 90,000 jobs in the healthcare sector.


Discover Ohio’s Healthcare Ecosystem

We have a wide variety of research, laboratory, distribution, IT, and consumer product companies across the state.

Our statewide network of research and talent connects top-ranked medical & academic institutions, helping to develop talent, research expertise, top healthcare providers, and entrepreneurs. The close proximity aids in interaction and development, accelerating innovation across the state.

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