If you’ve had the opportunity to see an Acura NSX, you’ve seen a work of art engineered and made in Ohio.

Acura, a division of American Honda, is manufacturing its next-generation supercar – the NSX – in Marysville. Located in the midst of Honda’s existing R&D, engineering and production operations sits the Performance Manufacturing Center, a $70 million advanced manufacturing facility created specifically to build the dream supercar.

“The decision to build the new Acura NSX in Ohio was a no-brainer,” said Clement D’Souza, Acura NSX chief engineer. “You have the greatest collection of engineering, manufacturing and R&D talent in the world in one place. What’s more, there is a huge supply base in central Ohio that ensures this project would be successful.”

The Performance Manufacturing Center opened in 2015, and the first NSX supercar rolled off the line in early 2016.

“The NSX is proof that in Ohio, we have the ability to produce a supercar — the combination of high technology, engineering and performance — and inspire the next generation of engineers, designers and automakers,” D’Souza said.

Honda, a manufacturer of automobiles, engines and related products, was first established in Ohio in 1979. Now its Ohio presence includes the PMC, an engine plant, a transmission plant, two auto manufacturing plants, its largest R&D operations outside of Japan, and several other engineering and operations entities.