In 1999, CardinalCommerce’s three founders saw the future of e-commerce and decided to build a business around it. Today, the company is a global leader in e-commerce payment authentication. CardinalCommerce executives turned to JobsOhio when they needed to build a new headquarters to accommodate the company’s impressive growth.

Founded in Northeast Ohio in 1999, CardinalCommerce enables authenticated payments, secure transactions and alternative payment brands. Now one of Ohio’s largest fintech employers, CardinalCommerce serves companies in more than 200 countries across six continents. Its success caught the attention of Visa, which acquired CardinalCommerce on Feb. 1, 2017.

Since the company was founded, it has been at the forefront of the digital commerce industry. The rise of consumer spending in the digital space has resulted in continuous growth within CardinalCommerce, creating the need for more employees and more office space. To accommodate future employment and business growth, company executives announced plans to transform a 40,000-square-foot industrial warehouse into its global headquarters.

CardinalCommerce’s rapid growth has meant there is a constant need for new employees. Mentor and the greater Cleveland area have proven to be steady sources of motivated well-trained, high-tech workers. CardinalCommerce received revitalization support from JobsOhio to help with site remediation. Built in the 1950s, the warehouse needed upgrades to electrical, HVAC and plumbing systems.