With demand growing for its products, particularly among American customers, NOX Corp. (NOX) needed to expand. This could have led the company anywhere in the United States but, for good reason, company officials chose Ohio.

NOX is one of the world’s largest luxury vinyl tile (LVT) manufacturers. For over 20 years the company has served the global market from its operations based in South Korea. NOX US – its Ohio-based operation – is a joint venture, with ownership belonging to NOX and Roppe Corp., a vinyl and wood-flooring manufacturer also located in Fostoria and a long-time NOX customer.

Headquartered in South Korea, where it operates five plants, NOX sought an opportunity to be closer to its existing North American customers and the growing American market for luxury vinyl tile, the fastest growing segment in the flooring sector. Company officials sought a location that offered available talent, close proximity to suppliers and markets, and easy access to rail and trucking transportation options.

By drawing from the skilled workforce that already existed in Fostoria and the surrounding region, NOX US was able to quickly establish its operations in Ohio. Additionally, NOX executives recognized the value of Ohio’s proximity to suppliers and markets as well as its vast infrastructure and logistics capabilities. Leveraging these and other assets, NOX positioned itself for future success as the first Asian LVT supplier to open a manufacturing plant in the United States.