Location is a critical factor in the success of high-tech bioheath companies. A vibrant tech-friendly community with access to bright talent is the requisite foundation for innovation and growth. With its domestic and international business growing – in fact, exceeding its own expectations – NuVasive Inc., a leading medical device company, is also growing its facilities and workforce in Ohio.

NuVasive focuses on transforming spine surgery with minimally disruptive, procedurally integrated solutions. The company has a mission to optimize patient outcomes and a record of revolutionizing spine surgery. NuVasive has emerged from a small startup to become the No. 3 player in the $9 billion global spine market.

Due to its rapid growth, NuVasive needed a larger facility in which to research, manufacture and develop its existing 90 products and the new products it consistently pushes into the marketplace. With competitive bids from U.S. cities in the South and Southwest, NuVasive chose the tech-friendly location of West Carrollton in 2015, where it could easily relocate 97 workers from its existing Fairborn facility and draw from the local talent source to hire nearly 200 additional employees for highly skilled technical positions.

In July 2017, NuVasive unveiled its $45 million state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in West Carrollton. From this center of excellence, it will produce all of its medical implants and devices for the global market.

“With this new facility and our longer-term plans to also expand our manufacturing footprint globally, we expect to increase customer responsiveness, dramatically improve inventory turns and speed up design time velocity to more efficiently meet the growing demand for our innovative spine technology,” said Gregory T. Lucier, NuVasive’s chairman and chief executive officer.

NuVasive excels in innovation while maintaining a healthy workplace culture. It was recently honored for its safe practices in the workplace, winning Manpower’s Safety Partner Award in July 2017.

The cutting-edge products that NuVasive supplies and continues to develop improve the lives of patients who suffer from debilitating back, neck or leg pain.