The world’s data volume is growing, and the technologies to analyze its results are falling behind. Over half of the data projects are not getting the right information at a timely speed. What’s worse is that even more of the data isn’t helping businesses. To solve this problem, customers turn to Saama Technologies, Inc.

Data analytics solutions and services provider Saama sought to accommodate an expansion after new funding and a spurt of rapid growth nearly doubled the company’s employment numbers nationally. The company decided to expand its Worthington location in central Ohio.

“Ohio provides a more stable and attractive standard of living. When you look at Ohio, you have an amalgamation of a number of competitive resources,” said John Sydnor, vice president of Saama’s eastern region.

The Worthington expansion added 90 jobs and retained eight, making the facility the company’s development hub for the Midwest. Saama saw great benefits to the Worthington investment, citing Ohio’s research institutions as a huge draw.

“[Ohio has] worldwide institutions that are incredibly detailed in their analysis of data, like Battelle, Cardinal Health and Nationwide,” said Sydnor. “These companies have a reputation worldwide for excellence in data analytics not only in the use of data but in the creation of tools that analyze data.

“And then, you have an administration that has really put an emphasis on growing white collar jobs that are transformational for future economic growth — none more so than data analytics,” Sydnor added.

Saama is a leading big data solutions company that turns raw data into actionable insights so global leaders can make quick, strategic and reliable business decisions.