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JobsOhio solves talent challenges with innovative programs.

Find and Sustain a Talented Workforce in Ohio

JobsOhio recognizes the challenges organizations face when trying to find, hire, and train a qualified workforce, and understands that a company thrives when its talent thrives. In an effort to help businesses in high demand industries like advanced manufacturing and technology, JobsOhio has created a multi-faceted approach to assisting Ohio companies in targeted, strategic partnerships. JobsOhio helps navigate the plentiful and professional workforce partners in Ohio and invests in increasing a skilled talent pool through key strategies for recruiting top talent, upskilling incumbent workers, and reskilling workers for the jobs of the future.

The JobsOhio Talent Acquisition Services program (TAS) has been developed to identify a company’s talent challenges and build sustainable talent strategies that provide support at every stage of the candidate journey. From employer brand building and attraction to screening and training, the TAS program provides a customized approach based on the company’s needs.


Neither a grant nor a loan, the TAS program is a unique partnership between JobsOhio and companies that are expanding within, or are new to, Ohio. The goal is to build and execute a flexible and customizable recruitment strategy alongside the company’s existing recruiting team, helping them solve their biggest talent challenges.

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The mission of the Find Your Ohio program is to attract in-demand job seekers to their ideal careers in Ohio by connecting them to open, relevant positions with Ohio companies.


When it was determined that Ohio’s employers were seeing a shortage in the talent needed to fill positions requiring industry-recognized skills and specific qualifications, JobsOhio took a multi-faceted, national marketing approach to attract top talent in the most in-demand fields. JobsOhio’s specialized team of recruiters partners with each company’s talent acquisition team by initially screening candidates once they submit their resume to the Find Your Ohio portal, working to understand their background and goals to ensure the right match.


Since its inception in March 2020, Find Your Ohio has driven thousands of qualified applicants into the recruiting platform to be considered forOhio’s most in-demand jobs.

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused the displacement of many Ohio workers, creating a tough situation for the individuals and their families as well as the state’s unemployment resources. To assist with recovery efforts, JobsOhio in conjunction with the Offices of Job and Family Services, Ohio Workforce Transformation, and Development Services Agency, have joined together a statewide coalition of partners to launch an innovative initiative called Ohio to Work.


Ohio To Work helps displaced and at-risk workers return to work as soon as possible or pursue reskilling opportunities for in-demand jobs. The program supports equity and inclusion by focusing on diverse workers and ensuring they are aware of the career opportunities and other services through the Ohio To Work partners.


The initiative started as a pilot in Greater Cleveland and has since expanded its existing array of career support services for job seekers in major cities and regions across the state.

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Brian Rutkowski
Chief Talent Officer, Olive

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